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Samsung monitor features, explained

It is safe to say that Samsung has dominated the display market by a massive margin over the past few years with the introduction of its M-lineup of smart monitors and Odyssey gaming monitors. The M5, M7, and M8 Smart monitors offer incredible flexibility in connectivity options with very competitive pricing, while the Odyssey gaming monitors feature fast refresh rates and top-notch response time and great panel quality for the respective price of each model.  

With an every expanding range of smart, high-resolution monitors (recently labeled as ViewFinity), Samsung offers a wide variety of top-notch monitors with numerous great features. However, understanding the purpose and significance of these features can sometimes pose a challenge.  

In this article, we will look at the features offered by different categories of monitors made by Samsung using specific lineups and series as illustrations.

M-lineup smart monitors 
Mobile connectivity 

There is no other display on the market that can connect to so many different phones. If you have an iPhone, you can enjoy seamless AirPlay 2 with Samsung smart monitors. If you have one of the select Samsung Galaxy phones, you can use Samsung DeX wirelessly to turn your display into something dangerously close to a PC. If you have any other Android phone you can both use Cast or you can share the content of your screen by simply tapping the phone to your display, using Tap View. 

Laptop and PC connectivity 

For more serious workloads you even have access to a Smart Remote feature built into the display that allows you to get a remote connection to your computer of choice and control it via a mouse and keyboard that is connected to the monitor. 

IoT Hub and SmartThings 

For the tech savvy users that have “smartified” their house and would like to squeeze every inch of value out of their “smart” monitor, they can use the monitor’s remote or built-in voice assistant to control their smart home. Samsung’s M-lineup of smart monitors can also act as a hub for all your smart home appliances. 

The Samsung M8 Smart monitor is the best example of Samsung’s M-lineup, showcasing all the smart features in a sharp and bright 4K display with eye-catching aesthetics and a genius snap-on webcam. If you want to know more about the M8, here’s our full in-depth look at Samsung’s top-of-the-line smart monitor. 

If you want to have all the same smart features packed into a more modest and budget-friendly package, you can check out the still-4K M7 or the budget-friendly and popular Samsung M5 Smart Monitors. You can find an overview of their features in this article.

Odyssey series gaming monitors 
Top-notch displays 

The ultra-popular Odyssey gaming monitors bring superb value for gamers on different budgets. The G3 brings 144hz to the budget conscious gamer with excellent construction. The Samsung G5 introduces AMD FreeSync Premium and a 1000R curve into the Odyssey lineup with a wide range of sizes and the Samsung G7 ups the resolution to 2K or 4K (depending on whether you buy the older G7 or the newer one) in what is the best panel that Samsung makes in their gaming lineup.  

On the highest end of the Odyssey series, the G9 Neo cranks everything up to the max in an ultra-wide package. Last but not least, the Odyssey Ark, for gamers who are looking for the most over-the-top experience that has no competition; a 55” beast with spaced-out quad-speakers for cinema-grade audio. 

Built-in FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility 

There are features that all Odyssey models share, alongside many other Samsung gaming monitors. One of them is FreeSync Premium and FreeSync Premium Pro (for HDR models), which enable smooth tear-free 120hz (minimum) gaming without having to worry about losing performance by enabling V-Sync.  

AMD FreeSync Premium w/Pro monitors are able to communicate with the graphics card to optimize frame rendering to prevent both image-tearing as well as wasted frames. Nvidia G-Sync is also enabled on all Odyssey models for similar advantages for Nvidia users. 

 1000R curve 

 You will also find that all models (except G3) come with the option of an aggressive 1000R curvature for extra immersion. 1000R is the most natural curvature possible for a display as it reflects the curvature of the human eye. All models also enable you to use them as if they were an ultra-wide monitor (with black bars on top and bottom) so that you can see more of the action in yout game. 

 For a deeper look at the Samsung Odyssey lineup, click here. If you feel like you are ready to take in the madness of the Odyssey Ark and want to know more, click here for all you need to know about it.

General purpose/Productivity monitors 
 Features to improve picture and sound quality 

 Nearly all of these types of monitors feature adaptive picture that automatically adjusts the brightness based on ambient light, and in select models, adjusts the white balance of the image based on the color temperature of ambient light.  

 They also feature adaptive sound, which acts as an audio compressor for a non-disruptive listening experience, free of sudden volume fluctuations, especially when switching between sources or channels. 

 Picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes are also available in most Samsung monitors that allow you to either run a small window of a different input in one corner of the screen, or run two sources side by side if you frequently shift your attention between the two.  

Quantum Dot Color technology and HDR10+ 

 On select models, you will also find Quantum Dot Color technology for the richest colors that the display giant can give. Monitors capable of reproducing HDR10+ images are also becoming more standard and you can find many of them in Samsung’s offerings, even ones on the more affordable side of the price range.  

Feature variability 

Of course, these are some of the very general features that you will find across Samsung’s productivity-focused monitors, but you need to look deeper to find the type that you are looking for unique features that suit you the most.  

For example, the LC34J791 features Thunderbolt 3 connectivity that is excellent for laptop users who frequently take their laptops with them and need a robust but small and easy-to-use (and elegant!) connector. On top of that, there has been extra attention to the aesthetics on this particular model, apparent by the chamfered edges on the metal base. It is also ultra-wide for the productivity enthusiast.  

There is also the 49” S95UA ultra-wide model that features a built-in KVM switch for users that frequently switch between two computers but want to work with only one mouse and keyboard. The CF models are also made for those who are looking for a curved monitor but don’t want to pay through the nose.  

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