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The different technologies used in BenQ and Samsung Monitors

You probably know Samsung as the number one display maker in the entire market, and BenQ as the number one gaming monitor manufacturer in the pro scene. But to get to the bottom of how these brands managed to get their status, we need to look into the unique features that their lineups have offered. From Samsung’s ViewFinity, M and Odyssey lineups to BenQ’s Zowie and Mobiuz lineup with BenQ DyAc technology, we will explore the reasons why these two manufacturers have become the giants of the industry.

The different technologies offered by Samsung and BenQ
1.Samsung ViewFinity

The increased functionality offered by Samsung ViewFinity monitors enables more efficient workflows. It can be used as an all-in-one dock for desktops or laptops for simplified workstations at home or the office. Also, Samsung ViewFinity monitors have wide viewing angles due to their use of IPS panels which allows users to see images clearly from the tightest of angles. 

Samsung’s Eye Comfort technology is also an added value with the Samsung ViewFinity lineup. This monitor technology uses the monitor’s built-in ambient light sensor to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the monitor after dark. Flicker Free technology eliminates the typical screen flicker effect that comes as a result of changing the brightness of the monitor. 

Similar technology can also be found in Samsung M8 smart monitors which are some of the best monitors for home office setups.

2.BenQ DyAc (Dynamic Accuracy)

BenQ DyAc is an innovative motion blur reduction technology designed for gaming monitors. DyAc is, in essence, an advanced mode of monitor technology known as backlight strobing that turns off the backlight in-between frames to effectively eliminate any ghosting. DyAc is especially advantageous in fast-paced shooter games where millisecond response is a must.This technology ensures that moving objects appear sharper and more defined, enhancing the gaming experience and improving reaction times in the competitive gaming scene. 

3.BenQ Eye Care

BenQ Eye Care is a comprehensive collection of technologies to reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience. BenQ’s Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+) uses the monitor’s ambient light sensor to automatically adjust display brightness and color temperature for a seamless transition to a more comfortable viewing experience based on time of day. On top of that, EyeCare U allows you to set up screen time reminders so you would take breaks from looking at the monitor. 

There is also the e-paper mode that lowers contrast and brightness while adjusting color temperature to make the monitor easy on the eyes for long reading sessions.

Those, combined with BenQ’s Flicker Free monitors ensures that your eyes will never pick up the backlight strobing features that are used in BenQ’s DyAc monitors.

The key components of BenQ Eye Care include:

How these technologies make a difference in the viewing experience of the monitor 

Monitors equipped with advanced technologies like DyAc and Eye Care offer distinct advantages compared to regular monitors. DyAc and the improved DyAc+ monitor technologies significantly reduce motion blur in games, ensuring a smoother and more responsive experience. Eye Care technologies help reduce eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort for general use, contributing to a more pleasant and productive viewing experience. 

Which models have these technologies? 

BenQ’s DyAc monitor technology can be found in their gaming monitor lineup, such as the BenQ ZOWIE XL Series, like theZOWIE XL2546 and ZOWIE XL2546K models, which happens to be the most popular monitor in the pro gaming scene. BenQ Eye-Care features are integrated into all current and previous lineups as well.

Samsung’s ViewFinity monitors including the Samsung S6, S8 and the newly released Samsung S9 and S9 ultrawide have all the aforementioned features. Samsung’s M8 smart monitors -one of the best monitors for home office- also have all of these technologies, you can find more info about Samsung’s Smart monitor lineup here.

Difference between normal monitors and monitors with these technologies
Normal Monitors

With normal monitors, you may experience motion blur and ghosting during fast-paced visuals like gaming or video playback. Also, they may not have specialized technologies to reduce eye strain caused by factors like flickering and blue light emission. While many normal monitors offer decent color and image quality, they may need more advanced features like color calibration or dynamic brightness adjustments. 

Monitors with Viewfinity, DyAc, and Eye Care Technology

Monitors equipped with BenQ’s DyAc technology have effectively no ghosting, making them ideal for fast-paced gaming and reducing blurriness in rapid movements. Monitors with Eye Care technologies (e.g., BenQ Eye Care monitors) include features like Flicker-Free, Low Blue Light, and automatic brightness adjustment (B.I.+) minimize eye strain and discomfort during extended use. “The Value of Infinite Viewing Experience” is the slogan for Samsung’s ViewFinity lineup, and they sure deliver what they promise.

How do these help you increase productivity?

BenQ Eye Care monitors with the various eye protection technologies used in them including Eye Care, B.I.+ and Low Blue Light make working with these displays for longer hours less fatiguing on your eyes. 

Similar eye protection technologies exist in Samsung’s various lineups to ensure that if you don’t heed eye safety warnings and use your computer for long hours, strain on your eyes will be minimized.

Newcom is a Samsung and BenQ monitor distributor, you can find more detailed information about all the aforementioned Samsung and BenQ models in the provided links as well as info about retailers that have them. 

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