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Newcom offers extensive individualized solutions to elevate personal computing and modern living. This comprehensive portfolio includes computer accessories like smart monitors, ergonomic mice and keyboards, digital pencils, adapters, headsets, speakers, webcams, sleeves, hardshell cases, bags, privacy screens, and presentation remotes. Complementing these are smart home solutions for enhanced convenience and connectivity.

Our offerings are aligned with Newcom's commitment to excellence, featuring top brands like Targus, Logitech, Samsung, Tp-Link, BenQ, Rapoo, j5Create, and Lindy. Whether boosting productivity, elevating entertainment, or enabling smart living, we provide diverse tools for tailored and enriched experiences in today's tech-driven world.

Desktop accessories

Desktop accessories are essential for creating a productive and enjoyable work or leisure environment. Our product range includes wired and wireless keyboards and mice, headsets, and webcams for efficient and comfortable computing. These accessories are designed to elevate your desktop experience, ensuring productivity and enjoyment.

Newcom partners with Logitech and Rapoo to provide innovative and ergonomic desktop accessories that empower users to create productive and enjoyable work and leisure environments. These desktop accessories are known for their high quality, cutting-edge features, and stylish designs, making them the perfect choice for users of all levels.

Laptop and tablet accessories

Laptop and tablet accessories are essential for protecting and enhancing your devices, guaranteeing compatibility, and extending their lifespan. Newcom offers a range of essential accessories, including sleeves and bags for convenient portability, protective tablet covers for device safety, privacy screens for data security, and tablet pens for precise input, all designed to complement your devices seamlessly.

Newcom is partnered with Logitech and Targus, leaders in laptop and tablet accessories, to offer innovative and sustainable laptop and tablet accessories. While Logitech's Mac-compatible peripherals ensure seamless experiences for Apple users, Targus' eco-friendly and antibacterial peripherals reduce environmental impact and promote safe, extended use.


Monitors play an increasingly vital role in personal solutions, from work to entertainment. Newcom offers a diverse range of monitors to cater to various needs.

For instance, flat and mainstream displays offer reliable performance for everyday tasks, while high-resolution displays deliver stunning visuals for creative work and media consumption. Smart monitors, on the other hand, bring added functionality with integrated features, such as streaming apps and web browsing. Newcom's monitor offerings ensure that users can find the perfect display to enhance their personal computing experience.

Newcom partners with Samsung and BenQ to provide cutting-edge monitors that empower users to create immersive and productive work and leisure environments. These monitors are known for their high quality, innovative features, and stylish designs, making them the perfect choice for users of all levels.


High-quality connectivity solutions are essential for modern work and leisure, enabling seamless device connectivity, data transfer, and charging. We offer a vast range of connectivity solutions, including individual-use hubs and docking stations, versatile adapters, and high-quality data and charging cables. These solutions expand device connectivity, and offer various ports, fast data transfer, and dependable charging, ensuring users can easily create more connected and productive work and leisure environments.

Newcom collaborates with leading brands like Targus, Lindy, and j5Create to deliver top-notch connectivity solutions. Offering reliable docking stations, high-quality adapters and cables, and versatile USB connectivity solutions, these brands contribute to seamless personal computing experiences.

Smart home

Smart homes and spaces are rapidly gaining traction, offering enhanced efficiency, security, and convenience. Newcom provides a broad range of smart home products, including smart cameras, smart sensors and plugs, and smart lights to ensure security and efficiency in spaces people inhabit.

Newcom collaborates with TP-Link to offer top-quality smart home products. TP-Link's products seamlessly integrate into smart home ecosystems, providing efficient solutions for modern living, including smart lighting, plugs, cameras, and more. These products enable users to enhance their home convenience, security, and energy efficiency.

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