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Samsung and Logitech solutions for business professionals

Samsung and Logitech have teamed up in a move that can only mean good things for businesses. They are offering different product bundles that perfectly match together to deliver the perfect video call and conferencing experience. The bundles have different target demographics, meant for different scales of video conferencing.  

The bundles combine Samsung’s excellent smart displays and interactive displays with Logitech’s keyboards, mice, webcams, and its all-in-one Rally series video conferencing solutions. Once we go over what each bundle contains, it is only a matter of a simple needs assessment to determine which bundle works best for your conference room or desk space.

Bundle #1: Best for home offices and individual workspaces 
Logitech MX Keys and MX Anywhere 3 

The first bundle is a dream setup for any work desk, at the office or at home. It combines Samsung’s 4K smart monitor, which offers extreme levels of connectivity options and smart features, with Logitech’s gold standard of all wireless keyboards in the form of the MX Keys and its most premium compact wireless mouse in the form of MX Anywhere 3 

The trick up Logitech’s sleeve with the choice of these models is that they both support Logitech Flow. This feature enables users to switch between two devices that they use as seamlessly as possible by simply dragging the mouse cursor to the edge of one display to have the cursor activated in the display of the other device––no button-press required. You can even transfer files between the two computers with a simple Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V press over your local network.

Samsung M7 Smart Monitor 

Let’s not forget how the Samsung M7 ties into the Flow-enabled keyboard and mouse combo. The M7 also has a similar trick up its sleeve when considering seamless connectivity. On top of the plethora of smart features enabled by TizenOS on the M7, this monitor is jam-packed with a multitude of connectivity options in the form of Cast, AirPlay 2, Remote PC Access, wireless dual monitor, DeX, TapView, and your regular HDMI inputs. All of these sources would look great on the crisp 4K display.

Logitech Brio 4K webcam 

No video conference setup is complete without a webcam––enter the Logitech Brio. The Brio is referred to, by Logitech, as a “pro business webcam.” The reason for that is the crisp 4K sensor, the HDR capability, and the rare Windows Hello support. The Brio webcam for video conferencing also features Logitech’s RightLight 3 technology that, combined with HDR capability, delivers excellent exposure for the user, even in tough lighting situations. Logitech Brio features variable resolutions from 4K at 30 fps to 720p at 90fps, and variable viewing angles. The dual omni-directional microphone array completes this top-notch Logitech video conferencing webcam by providing clear audio.

Who is this bundle for? 

This bundle is particularly great for home offices as well as individual workspaces in the office. If you use multiple computers on the same desk, this setup almost seems like a must as the flow-enabled devices remove the hassle of either switching the connected device on your mouse and keyboard via the corresponding key or just using two mice and keyboards. The M7 also turns the setup into a productivity beast that is a joy to use.

Bundle #2: Best for smaller conference rooms 

Samsung 55” Flip 2 interactive display 

The versatile and portable Flip 2 interactive display is the digital flipchart you want in your small conference room. With interactive flat panels like the Flip 2, you can say goodbye to messy flipcharts and smelly markers. The all-digital flipchart upgrades your conference room meetings to modern standards and allows you to recap meetings like never before.  

The pen-to-paper feel of the stylus and the 4K resolution are what makes the Flip 2 such a joy to use for the presenter, and a joy to view for the audience. Once you are done scribbling meeting ideas and annotating the documents, you can instantly share them via email, network, flash drive or printouts.

Logitech Rally Bar Mini 

This all-in-one Logitech video conferencing solution for small spaces is the perfect companion for the 55” Flip 2. While being the smallest in the Rally Bar series, the Rally Bar Mini still packs incredible features for the best possible video conferencing experience. The device is equipped with Logitech’s RightSight, RightLight, and RightSound technologies to always deliver the right frame, adjust to the right exposure regardless of lighting condition, and boost the audio of lower voices and remove background noise.  

With the motorized pan and tilt feature, 4K image sensor, room-filling audio, beamforming microphone array, and support for up to three Mic Pods, it’s not hard to see why the Rally Bar Mini video conferencing system is worth its premium price. 

Who is this bundle for? 

This bundle is firmly in the business conference room category. The mini version of the Rally Bar series and the smaller 55” version of the Flip 2 hint at the combo being better suited for small to medium-sized conference rooms and huddle spaces.

Bundle #3: Best for medium conference rooms 

Samsung 65” Flip 2 interactive display 

The difference between the 55” and 65” versions of the Flip 2 interactive display is more than just the 10 extra inches of real estate. The 65” model is in a landscape orientation, unlike the portrait flipchart that is the 55” Flip 2. This means that the Flip 2 is meant to be mounted to a wall and not move around, acting more as a drawing board than a flipchart. It still offers the same software functionality and the same pen-to-paper experience of using the stylus along with the same sharing options to bring about the convenience of digital note-taking.

Logitech Rally Bar 

The industry defining Rally Bar video conferencing solution shows off its capabilities with full force with the original Rally Bar. The dual 4K main camera and the AI viewfinder setup allow the crisp footage to be framed on the main speaker during a video call. The ultra-wide angle viewfinder detects who is speaking at a given point in time and uses a combination of the motorized pan and tilt as well as the optical zoom to fix the frame on the speaker. 

The Rally Bar’s dual speaker setup offers some of the clearest audio experience possible in a video conference, with a patented anti-vibration suspension system for the speakers to avoid the typical rattle caused by deeper voices. This all-in-one Logitech group video conferencing system offers support for up to four Logitech Mic, each adding an extra seven meters of audio pick-up range. 

Who is this bundle for? 

Medium-sized conference rooms (around ten people) and those slightly on the bigger side can take full advantage of the soundstage and smart framing technology of the Rally Bar while the 65” interactive canvas of the Flip 2 remains firmly in view.

Bundle #4: Best for large conference rooms 

Samsung 85” Flip 2 interactive display 

We are firmly in the large conference room category with the massive 85” version of the Flip 2 interactive display series. The huge canvas supports up to 20 people using the passive stylus at the same time, drawing or writing with it and erasing their scribbles through a swift touch of the hand. With support for various document templates, the Flip 2 interactive display is ideal for a music class or a kindergarten, just as much as it is helpful for a business scenario.  

The 85” Flip 2 also features a very comprehensive set of connectivity options so you can attach any device you can think of to it and be able to annotate on almost everything, whether it is a webpage, PDF document, image, or a screen grab of a movie. The 85” canvas also ensures that you can see everything sitting even over 20 meters away from it.

Logitech Rally Plus 

The Rally Plus was the inspiration for the newer Rally Bar series. But while the latter is newer, the Rally Plus fills a different niche and is undoubtedly the best video conference camera for larger rooms. With a separate dual speaker setup, two Mic Pods, a large 4K camera module with 5X optical zoom and a wide range of freedom of movement for automatic framing, it is clear why this is the best Logitech video conferencing solution for bigger spaces.  

The Rally Plus supports up to seven Mic Pods––the highest supported number in the Rally series––making it the go-to option if you are dealing with many video call attendees in the same room. The Rally Plus video conferencing system, with all the amazing hardware it has at its disposal, reads the room and balances the exposure in tough lighting scenarios, normalizes the audio levels of different speakers, and always puts the speaker in frame no matter where they are in the room.  

Who is this bundle for? 

This bundle is made for large conference rooms (over 15 seats) with a high number of attendees/speakers. The inclusion of two Mic Pods and support for an extra five greatly increases the audio pick-up range of the Rally Plus and the smart framing combined with the lossless 5X optical zoom means that a speaker can be relatively far away from the camera, and they would still be in the center of the frame, thanks to the Rally Plus camera’s AI-driven smart framing.  

The 85” canvas of the Flip 2 is designed to easily viewable even if you happen to have the farthest seat in the room, making it a great combination with the Rally Plus for a comfortable video conferencing experience in a large room.


The only thing you need to consider when choosing between these bundles is your use-case scenario. Logitech and Samsung set the standard in their own respective industries. Logitech is the undisputed leader of providing video conferencing solutions to businesses and individuals and Samsung has always been a household name when it comes to anything display-related. When they collaborate, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible package for the demographic and use-case scenario they are targeting. 

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