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5 Reasons Why Logitech Rally Plus is the Ultimate Video Conferencing Solution for Large Conference Rooms

Logitech has been a staple in the video conferencing solution market for quite some time, with few brands capable of giving it fair competition. The main competition in this market is actually the various solutions that Logitech itself offers!  For instance, among the Logitech Rally video conferencing solutions, the Logitech Rally Bar suite is, as we discussed here, the latest addition to the Rally line-up and a great solution for a lot of people and businesses. However, Logitech went above and beyond with its ultra-premium offering: the Rally Plus. The Rally Plus combines the advanced AI found in the Rally Bar series and sprinkles in some extra goodies to justify the premium asking price. The Rally Plus is the best Logitech conference camera solution for corporations that hold large meetings with many attendants. The AI framing, room-filling sound, and the ability to daisy-chain mic pods are what make this product specifically suitable for larger-scale meetings. Keep reading to learn about the reasons why this Logitech conference room solution is the perfect one for large conference rooms.
Logitech Rally Plus
Courtesy of Logitech.
The Rally Plus box is packed to the brim with lots of goodies
The package that the Rally Plus comes in is a big one! In the box, you will find the star of the show, the 4K capable PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera, as well as two speakers, a display hub, a table hub, two Rally Mic Pods, and cables needed to connect them all together. While this setup would be perfectly fine for meetings of up to 10 seats, you may expand the capabilities of the Rally Plus by adding up to 6 more Rally Mic Pods to accommodate up to 46 seats in one big conference call! The display hub is where you will find most of the input/output (I/O) you will need, and this is where the cable management will happen. So, you’ll want to hide the display hub from plain sight as it offers no immediate necessity in the meetings once it goes through the initial setup. You’ll want to have the table hub a bit closer to the, well, table! This is because the Rally Mic Pods must connect to the table hub to work, and the best place for those mic pods is the conference table. Logitech Rally Plus
RightSense technology makes all the difference in this Logitech video conferencing solution

The AI implemented in Logitech’s Rally Bar series makes another appearance in the Rally Plus. The RightSense patent is a combination of RightSight, RightLight, and RightSound; RightSight is an advanced framing AI that ensures the right people are always in the frame and followed if they are moving, RightLight adjusts the exposure in a way that the faces are prioritized and never overexposed or underexposed, and RightSound picks up only the voice of the speaker and suppresses background noise.

All of this basically means that with the Rally Plus conference room video system, the right people are always in frame, their faces are always well-lit, and their voices are always picked up crystal clear. The 4K image also certainly helps the overall experience. The right sense package is truly the ace up Logitech’s sleeve when it comes to software, and it is why it has been acknowledged as a top video conferencing camera for large conference rooms.

The Rally Display Hub offers I/O for days!
While in the looks department, the PTZ camera, the speakers, and the Rally Mic Pods are designed to look minimalistic, the I/O in the Display Hub and Table Hub are anything but minimalistic! The display hub houses two inputs for the speakers that come in the box, two HDMI outs, a power in, a USB out to connect to computers, a USB-C out to connect the PTZ camera, and an Ethernet port to connect to the table hub. The table hub houses another USB port, HDMI out, an Ethernet port, and a USB-C port to connect the Mic Pods. As mentioned earlier, the display hub is designed to be hidden away from the conference table. Logitech Rally Plus
It offers camera tricks that transform your conferencing experience

One thing you’ll notice when you first set up the Rally Plus is that the camera is tilted completely downwards. This is to ensure the user’s privacy. When you power this Logitech conference camera, it starts looking for its targets and lowers its gaze again when you power it off!

Besides the little tricks the camera does on its own, the remote that comes in the box is used to answer or reject calls, control the speakers’ volume, mute/unmute the microphone, and of course, control the camera’s movements. Using the remote, you can tilt or pan the camera to your heart’s content using the remote or switch preset modes that you’ve created for the camera in the software.

No computer? No problem!

The Logitech Tap accessory, which we featured in our Rally Bar series, makes a return here. You can connect the Rally Plus to the Logitech Tap to eliminate the need for having a computer in your conference room as you can connect to any popular video conferencing software with a Tap (see what I did there?)! Tap can also connect Rally Plus to a display, and with the I/O we mentioned previously, you can have your video conference shown on one display and mirror your computer’s screen on the other, all through the massive I/O you have at your disposal.

Logitech Rally Plus


We mentioned a lot of good things about the Rally Plus and very few, if any shortcomings in the package. Well, that is because it is very difficult to find anything particularly wrong with this Logitech conference camera solution. The only thing that may be of concern to some is the asking price of the product, particularly when compared to the other Logitech Rally video conferencing solutions. 

But thankfully, the product delivers in all the areas you would expect a video-conferencing solution of that caliber to perform well. If video-conferencing is an essential part of your business and you have many attendants, shelling out the premium for the Rally Plus can prove to be a valuable investment as it is the best conference room video camera Logitech provides.

If you are interested in learning more about Logitech Rally Plus or the other Logitech products Newcom offers, be sure to check out our products page. You can also always get in contact with us if you would like additional help from one of our team members.

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