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Everything you need to know about Logitech Zone series

Logitech has long been in the business of providing headsets that were designed for long voice/video calls meant to be used by individuals but also applicable for implementation at scale. With the introduction of the Zone series of headsets, Logitech upped their game by not only making their voice/video call-focused series of headsets more premium looking and feeling, but also much more use friendly.  

 The release of the Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth headset brought with the excellent performance of the microphone a lot more comfort, a more premium look, portability, and Bluetooth functionality that were obvious hints that this headset was meant to be used outside of calls as well. The general-purpose headphone uses like music listening and media consumption on the go were given a lot of focus with the Zone series to make the headset a solid recommendation for a variety of users.  

The success of the primary Zone Wireless model prompted several spin-offs with slight modifications as well as the more recent release of the Zone True Wireless Earbuds: an everyday pair of earbuds that has not forgotten its roots by still being an excellent option for video and voice calls. 

 In this article, we’ll explore Logitech’s Zone lineup of headsets and earbuds.

Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth headset 

 The understated classy look of Logitech’s top-of-the-line wireless headset puts all the features that you can expect from a headset with focus on key areas like comfort, active noise-canceling, and microphone quality. Let’s first talk about the design. 

 Subtle design, comfortable wear 

 The headset comes only in gray with a matte finish all around. It’s a subtle design that doesn’t attract much attention to itself but is far from boring, even though the packaging is on the industrial side. But perhaps the best part of the design is the earcups and just how comfortable they are. The padded cushions are thick, and the swivel action is smooth. Combined with the adjustable headbands, they create an extremely comfortable fit that you can wear for hours, whether you’re on a long call at work or listening to music.

Microphone and control 

 On and behind the left earcup, you will find analog volume control, pause play/answer or end calls button as well as the power button, Bluetooth pairing toggle and the microphone mute switch. There are no finicky touch controls to speak of; just solid analog controls all around. 

 On the exterior of the left earcup, you will find the microphone boom that can freely rotate backwards to allow the headset to be worn without paying attention to the orientation. When you flip the microphone upwards, it automatically mutes, and lets you know with a voice prompt. Naturally, rotating it downwards turns it back on.  

 For comfort and efficiency 

 The reason why this headset is popular for business use is only partly because it can be worn for long hours due to its extreme comfort. The other reason is the great noise-canceling mic that lets you be heard as clearly as possible with a good deal of the background noise taken out. The noise-canceling works especially great with lower-frequency sounds, removing them completely with no effect on the clarity of the speaker’s voice. The noise-canceling extends to the audio output as well in the form of active noise-cancellation (ANC) to cut down on the coffee-shop or office chatter noise and completely remove constant noises such as the office AC, plane engine noise or the sound of a bus passing by and the like. 


 You can connect the Zone Wireless to your computer via a USB dongle (with an included USB-C-to-A adapter) or via Bluetooth. Logitech states the operation range for the headset is around 30m but if you are in an office, the effective range is closer to 20m. The audio switches seamlessly between Bluetooth and USB depending on what device is sending audio at any given moment.

Battery life and charging 

 The Logitech Zone Wireless headset delivers high-quality audio for a rated battery life of up to 14-16 hours depending on the volume you set it at and whether or not ANC is turned on. To top up the battery, you can charge it via a USB-C cable or simply put it on a Qi wireless charger. The headset easily balances itself on a wireless charger, whether it is folded or not. And yes, you can fold the headset and put it in the included carrying pouch for easier transport and some protection. 

 Customize your audio experience 

 To fine-tune your audio experience and enter even more into the Zone (inevitable pun), you can use the Logi Tune software on your computer or phone. The app lets you manipulate the 5-band equalizer so you can achieve the audio profile you like. It also allows you to adjust the Sidetone feature, which customizes how much of your own voice you hear when you have the headset on.


The Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth headset has been popular since its release back in 2019. Logitech knows this and has expanded on the Zone lineup by adding iterations to it to make it an optimal option for an even wider demographic.  

 As it stands, the Zone Wireless is a jack of all trades, packed to the brim with all the features you would want out of a proper headset. It’s extremely comfortable fit and great noise-canceling retractable microphone with ANC (a rarity in on-ear designs) and wireless charging capability make it well worth the premium price point it comes in.  

Logitech Zone Wireless Certified for Microsoft Teams 

The Microsoft Teams-certified version of the excellent Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth headset is designed for a very specific group: businesses that use Microsoft Teams often. The only difference between this headset and the regular Zone Wireless is that the former has a button on the left earcup that instantly launches Microsoft Teams and accepts calls in the software. Otherwise, it provides the same excellent experience. 

 Step into your Zone – Logitech Zone 750

Logitech Zone Wired headset 

 The wired version of the Logitech Zone headset lineup brings many of the characteristics that made the Zone Wireless such a hit into a more stationary iteration that is less pricey. The only difference between the wireless and wired version of Zone headsets, aside from connection type, is the removal of ANC in the latter.  

 You still get the same stylish, understated Teflon-covered stainless steel frame with generous 40mm drivers for great audio output. The audio input is even better on the Logitech Zone Wired because the excellent noise-canceling rotatable microphone can now draw more power from the computer for better performance. On the generously long 1.9m cable you get the same analog controls as the Zone Wireless with volume up and down, microphone mute toggle, answer/end call toggle with a shortcut to Microsoft Teams and play/pause button in-line controls.

USB-C connection; a first for USB headsets 

A unique feature of the wired Logitech Zone headset is that unlike every other USB headset on the market, the Zone Wired connects to computers using USB-C as opposed to the typical USB-A. It makes the connector a lot smaller and compatible with modern laptops without the need for a USB dongle. But if you do need to connect it to a USB-A port, an adapter is already in the box. Frankly, it’s high-time computer USB audio also moved to USB-C because so far, we’ve only seen portable wired earphones sometimes coming with USB-C.  

 A more accessible Zone 

 The Logitech Zone Wired headset, if nothing else, opens the Zone experience to a much wider demographic for its significantly lower price alone. This lets more companies consider upgrading their employees’ equipment to Logitech’s standard. That standard brings with it more comfortable long call sessions and much better audio quality––both in terms of input and output––for their calls and video conferences.  

 For home users, the Zone Wired is a reliable headset for general use as well as video conferences and meetings because of the excellent performance of the noise-canceling microphones and the overall audio quality. This is especially if you sit behind the computer for long hours and prioritize comfort just as much as you do audio quality.

Logitech Zone True Wireless Earbuds 

 Logitech’s first foray into the saturated market of true-wireless earbuds (TWE) does not feel, at all, like just another middling TWE that almost every tech company started to churn out to capitalize on the hype that followed the original Apple AirPods. The Zone TWE has a clear purpose that makes it distinct and puts it in a category of its own. But what is that category? 

 There has never been a TWE that was focused on business! But now there is. 


 The Zone TWE has Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet integration that allows the earbuds to communicate directly with these video-conferencing software through the wireless USB dongle. You can launch the programs or answer or end calls using the button on the right earbud.  

Outside of a couple of other models, every TWE only has Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth works great with phones but doesn’t allow for any real interface beyond audio-transmission between a computer and a pair of TWE. Because the Zone True Wireless Earbuds can connect to the computer via the USB dongle, they can interface with the computer in ways that a regular Bluetooth pair of TWE cannot. It even allows you to tune the audio profile of the earbuds through Logi Tune, a feature unique in the TWE realm to the Logitech Zone Wireless earbuds.  

Be heard better… 

Another feature that makes this pair of earbuds an attractive option for business meetings and video calls compared with others is its emphasis on microphone quality. Traditionally, wireless earbuds have never had great microphone quality or loudness. Even the de facto standard of true-wireless earbuds––the AirPods Pro––don’t offer good microphone quality. But the Logitech Zone wireless earbuds break the trend by offering noise-canceling microphones that provide a decent and usable audio experience for the other end of the call; a truly underrated feature among true-wireless earbuds. 

…and hear better 

We’ve established that you can clearly be heard well with these earbuds. You would be pleased to know that you can also hear others in the call without the intrusion of background noise. Zone True Wireless Earbuds ship with the much sought-after active noise-cancellation (ANC) feature that uses the microphone array in both earbuds to cancel out the noise coming to your ear by sending the reverse frequency back at it before it reaches your ear canal. ANC is always a welcome feature in headsets, headphones, and earbuds alike.

Final thoughts 

Outside of the features mentioned above that suit business needs, you are dealing with a very solid overall package with features useful for business and otherwise. The earbuds come in a high-quality case that takes up very little space and charges both wirelessly and via USB-C.  

Logitech Zone True Wireless Earbuds are the only pair on the market that connect to a computer via a USB dongle (dongle is USB-A but there’s an included Type-C to Type-A adapter in the box). The dongle allows for faster audio transmission than Bluetooth as well as the option to seamlessly switch the audio source of the earbuds between a connected computer via USB and a connected phone via Bluetooth.  

On top of the physical button to control the software, there is touch control on the left earbud to turn the ANC on or off, with the option to customize the functionality of it. The cherry on top is the battery life: 5-6 hours of talk time and 6-10 hours of music listening depending if ANC is on or off. With just give minutes of charging the buds in their case, you can enjoy an extra hour of use.  

The Logitech Zone Wireless earbuds have recently been launched in the Middle East. Make sure you check the availability soon before you go out to your local store to pick one up.

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