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7 Features of Targus’ 4Vu Privacy Screens that Will Help Protect Your Privacy

As we have covered in our previous articles, cybercrimes occur very frequently these days. What makes it even worse is that people usually do not even notice when these crimes happen!  

Our data is always at the risk of falling into wrong hands, and the only way to protect ourselves is to get educated about various forms of cyberattacks. We must learn about the ways and means to protect our online safety and privacy and stay vigilant all the time.  

One of the simple ways that cybercriminals steal our data is called visual hacking. When sitting in our office or more public places, many of us fail to realize that other people are looking at our screens and seeing sensitive information that will help them steal our data. 

By using computer privacy screens, we do not have to worry about visual hacking anymore. Visual hacking can result in more severe data breaches than just someone accessing your Facebook account. So, it is essential to use a monitor privacy screen to protect yourself. 

monitor privacy screens

In our previous article, we introduced Targus privacy screens as one of the popular brands of privacy screens and covered the features of Targus privacy screens. Now, we want to get more specific and introduce you to Targus’ 4Vu privacy screen, its features, and how it can help you stay safe and protected.

Limited Viewing Angle

The 4Vu privacy screen covers your screen and makes it invisible to anyone observing your screen from a viewing angle of more than 30° from either the left or right. Thus, you can rest assured that your data is safe and protected against prying eyes, and chances of ending up a victim of visual hacking when you use your laptop in public places, such as hotel lobbies, airplanes, train stations, or cafes, will be slim.  

Anyone looking from a more distant angle than 30° will only see a dark and unclear screen like the picture below: 

computer privacy screens


You might be wondering: but how does it work like this? Well, the tiny vertical blinds on the surface of the Targus 4Vu privacy screens narrow down the viewing angle to protect your information and private data.  

Blue Light Filtering

With Targus’ 4Vu monitor privacy screens, protection and privacy are not the only things you will benefit from. This model can protect your eyes from blue light as well.  

As we all know, blue light can cause all sorts of issues, such as headaches, eye strain and fatigue, retina damage, and others. Unfortunately, almost every digital product, like computers, laptops, and smartphones, emits blue light. However, the 4Vu privacy screen can minimize the above-mentioned harmful effects of blue light. The screen simply blocks the blue light glares in order to reduce eye strain.  

Reduced Glare

The Targus 4Vu privacy screen has an anti-reflective coating, which reduces glare and improves light transmittance. The coat works under most viewing conditions, even in bright rooms. The result is a proper brightness that provides clear views, great clarity, and perfect visibility. 

monitor privacy screens

Various Sizes

Laptops are manufactured in different screen sizes, so your laptop screen is likely a different size than the next guy’s. However, worry not, because Targus has not manufactured the 4Vu privacy screen in only one size. Instead, these monitor privacy screens are produced in various sizes suitable for different screens. 

Fortunately, the variety in the sizes of these privacy screens is wide, and the Targus 4Vu privacy screen supports the most common screen sizes offered by different manufacturers.  

For instance, there are 4Vu privacy screens suitable for iPad Air, Microsoft Surface Pro LTE & Landscape, widescreens monitors, 16:9 screens, 4:3 screens, OLED screens, and much more. Just make sure that you are choosing the right model before finalizing your purchase! 

monitor privacy screens

Easy Installation Options

Installing the 4Vu privacy screen is very easy. This model comes with reusable silicon adhesive strips and tab guides, both of which make it possible for you to easily attach the privacy screen directly to your device’s screen. All you need to do is use the clear double-sided adhesive strips designed for LCD filters to attach the 4Vu privacy screens.  

Another way to install the 4Vu computer privacy screen is to use tab guides that stick to the edge of the LCD bezel to hold the screen in place. This way, the screen can easily slide on and off.   

Ease of Mind, Especially for Corporate Employees

The 4Vu privacy screen, by offering more security and lessening the chance of cybercrimes happening, allows corporate or individual users alike to ease their minds from worries about visual hacking.  

computer privacy screens

The stress caused by the risk of visual hacking can be a real issue in modern offices, where the settings are open, and many individuals from outside the organization come and go easily. So, installing computer privacy screens on the display screens of the entire office can increase protection against visual hacking and put the mind of all employees at ease 

Ultimately, this decreased amount of potential risk and stress can lead to more productivity. After all, it is only natural for people to work more relaxed and stay more productive when their visual privacy is not at risk. 

Anti-Microbial Properties

Finally, the Targus 4Vu privacy screen includes anti-microbial treatment, which helps prevent bacteria growth on the privacy screen. So, you won’t need to worry about the risk of bacteria on your privacy screen.  

Targus 4Vu privacy


The seven features we covered in this article are the advantages that Targus 4Vu privacy screens provide, and they are what make these privacy screens a great product for offices and personal use. Using these privacy screens, you can increase your data’s safety, minimize exposure to blue light, increase productivity, and put your mind at ease while you are focusing on important tasks. 

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