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Why Targus Privacy Screens Matter and 5 of Their Significant Features

With billions of committed cybercrimes reported in 2020, the World Wide Web is more dangerous than ever before! And as we already know, many cyber-attacks are never even noticed, let alone reported.

The 21st century is the era of technology, where improvements are made, new devices come to existence, and more efficient methods and systems emerge in order to simplify our lives. In fact, technological developments are occurring so fast that we see something new every day and cannot keep track of all the changes that happen. However, with new methods and technological developments come new ways to abuse security systems and commit crimes.

Targus privacy screen used on a laptop. Courtesy of Targus
Targus privacy screen used on a laptop. Courtesy of Targus

The Internet has brought us a vast new world where new opportunities, easier ways to do our daily errands, and simpler means of communication are possible. However, the bigger this world is, the more difficult it is to keep it safe and secure. Among all of the existing types of crimes, visual hacking, which occurs when someone looks at your screen to take note of confidential information, is one of the most significant ways of invading individuals’ and companies’ privacy in today’s technologically advanced world.

Based on research, visual hackings occur very quickly and employees usually do not even notice them in a timely enough manner to take action and stop them. In fact, around 91 percent of visual hacking attempts are successful, and 49 percent of them take less than 15 minutes!

What is worse is that according to the above-mentioned study, more than half of these attacks are done through employees’ computer screens at various corporate and business offices. These attacks often go unnoticed, and in cases that employees observe suspicious behavior, 68 percent of them do not file a report. As the result, in around 27 percent of all visual hacking attempts, companies’ sensitive information, including confidential and classified documents, login credentials, and financial data is stolen.

Given that visual hacking can lead to more advanced types of hacking and data breaches, it is vital to note that you must consider cybersecurity solutions in addition to solutions designed to prevent visual hacking. There are tons of other reports, studies, and researches throughout the internet, all of which indicate how important cybersecurity is.

Targus privacy screen for monitors. Courtesy of Targus.

Targus Privacy Screens – A Great Way to Stay Safe

In addition to all of the various methods and ways we provided in a previous article for staying safe and secure on the internet, privacy screens are a practical security solution to prevent visual hacking. 

These screens are very easy-to-use, simple solutions for staying safe and secure from unwelcomed eyes, and they can greatly reduce the risks of being hacked; for this reason, privacy screens are a necessity for individuals and companies to protect themselves against visual hacking.

Targus Privacy Screen Feature:

Targus is one of many computer privacy screen manufacturers, and is quite known for the quality of its products. In the remainder of this article, we will discuss five significant attributes of Targus’ privacy screens, which you should pay attention to regardless of what brand of privacy screen you choose to go with.

1. Ease of Installation

One of Targus privacy screens’ advantages is that they are very easy to install. There are three easy ways to install a normal (non-magnetic) Targus privacy screen, which gives you plenty of flexibility. You can use adhesive strips, adhesive tab guides, or under-bezel tabs. Adhesive strips are a semi-permanent solution that hold a privacy screen firmly in place. Those who want to keep the privacy screen on their computer all the time are probably better off with adhesive strips.

Adhesive tab guides, on the other hand, give you the ability to easily remove your privacy screen. They provide a lot of flexibility and make it very easy to remove your privacy screen and store it when you do not need it. All you need to do is to press four tabs on the top and bottom of each side of your computer screen in order for it to hold your privacy screen in place.

Last but not least, under-bezel tabs are the proper solution for screens with a frame surround. They attach to the back of your privacy screen for a customized fit. All of these different ways of installation are very easy and can be done pretty simply by the user himself/herself.

Instead of an ordinary model, you can also purchase a magnetic privacy screen for your computer, which is the easiest to install and gives you substantial freedom in removing and adding the screen to different devices whenever you wish.

Targus Privacy Screens for Laptops

2. Viewing Angle

Targus privacy screens give you a 60-degree angle viewing window, which means that only those who sit directly in front of the screen or up to 30-degree away on each side can see the screen clearly. This feature prevents anyone sitting or standing further away from a computer from seeing its screen.

3. Effects on User Experience

The overall experience of using a privacy screen is pretty much the same for all users, keeping everything as normal as usual while also keeping display screens private and secure. Privacy screens, in general, might lower your display screen’s brightness a little bit, and some laptop privacy screens might prevent you from being able to fully close your device. However, there are very simple solutions for these issues, such as removing the privacy screen when you want to close your laptop.

4. Glossy vs. Matte Side

Targus privacy screens come with two different sides, both of which are usable. While the final decision of choosing one side over the other comes to your own personal preference, we must point out that a matte screen provides a smoother glide on a touch screen and shows fewer fingerprints.

5. Blue Light Protection

Privacy is not the only thing that Targus privacy screens present. As we all know, the blue light transmitted from the screens of computers, laptops, smartphones, and all other digital devices is very harmful to our eyes. It is the main reason why everyone tells us to not spend too much time behind a computer. Well, the good news is that Targus privacy screens for monitors, tablets, and monitors alike can lower the impact of blue light in order to reduce eye strain.


Targus privacy screens are touchscreen-compatible, come with an anti-microbial coating, and possess an anti-glare non-reflective screen.

Targus Privacy Screens for Tablets


As we stated, many visual hackings occur through employee displays and take a very short time to be successfully completed. However, using privacy screens that come with all of the unique features we covered in this article can greatly reduce the risk of ending up the victim of a cybercrime.

Targus has been heavily focused on privacy screen production for some time, and they have developed some of the best models available on the market. Each model of Targus privacy screens comes with its own unique features and advantages. But delving into the features of each model is a topic for another time.

If you are interested in learning more about the range and characteristics of Targus’ privacy screens, be sure to check out our products page. Please get in contact with us if you would like additional help from one of our team members.

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