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A Comparison of Rapoo’s VT950 and VT900 Gaming Mice

As we all know, mice are one of the main inputs of a computer and play a very important role in PC gaming. The accuracy and precision of mice can significantly enhance the performance of gamers in online matches, while the extra buttons and unique features that some of the top-notch gaming mice offer can also open more doors for having an improved and smooth gaming experience.  

In this article, we will introduce and compare two Rapoo gaming mice with excellent features and capabilities that come at a more affordable price compared to what you usually find in the market. These two mice are Rapoo’s VT950 and VT900, both of which are excellent budget gaming mice 

So, let’s find more about these affordable gaming mice.

Rapoo Gaming Mice


Rapoo’s VT950 

Rapoo VT950 wired/wireless gaming mouse is one of the best mice Rapoo has to offer and comes with a great design and performance. With reliable switches rated for 50 million clicks, Rapoo’s VT950 is considered one of the best wireless gaming mice. 

This Rapoo gaming mouse offers both wired and wireless connections. So, when you need full accuracy in your games, you can use your mouse through its USB cable, which offers a more reliable connection. However, when you prefer to have better control over the placing of your mouse and be more comfortable, you can use the 2.4 GHz wireless connection that supports a range of up to 10 meters. 

Gaming Mouse


The wireless connection is powered by a built-in 800 mA rechargeable lithium battery. This means that you will never need to worry about replacing batteries. After charging the mouse for 3 hours, you can use it for up to 16 hours when the RPG is turned off, or around 11 hours with the RPG on.  

Given how the VT950’s wired and wireless modes operate, you can enjoy a long battery life with a full charge and continue using your mouse with a wired connection while it is charging! This way, your mouse can never stop you from playing. 


Rapoo’s VT950


Furthermore, Rapoo’s VT950 has an ergonomic design, which easily fits in your palm. It doesn’t matter whether you use the mouse with your left hand or right hand, because it has an ambidextrous design. This mouse prevents unnecessary strain on your hands and enables comfortable grip and pleasant use even in long hours of playing.  

Rapoo’s VT950 features 11 programmable buttons, which can be customized based on your preferences. Using Rapoo’s software, you have can choose from a wide range of functions to assign to these 11 extra buttons, which can help you have a more intelligent and capable mouse best fit for your needs. 

The gaming sensor in Rapoo’s VT950 is adjustable in 7 levels from 50 to 16,000 DPI. You can easily adjust the sensor precision using the two DPI buttons on your mouse to achieve the best match for your preference. This mouse also features up to 50G acceleration and a USB polling rate of up to 1000Hz, making the VT950 faster and more accurate than ordinary mice.

Rapoo Gaming Mouse Features


Now we get a gamer’s favorite part: lighting. The VT950 features multiple backlight modes with up to 16 million colors. This mouse allows you to customize its appearance to any combination of colors your heart desires. There is even an APM-lighting mode, which reflects your actions per minute with a spectacular light show. With 16 million colors for RGB, you can never have trouble matching your mouse to your style! 

On top of the RGB, there is also a customizable OLED display screen on the mouse that shows your APM, DPI, and game statistics in real-time. You can even set the screen with words or images you like.  

We shouldn’t forget to mention that Rapoo’s VT950 also features onboard memory. The built-in memory allows you to save the mouse configuration, such as the DPI settings, in the game mode. This way, you can always play the way you have adjusted on any computer, without the help of additional software programs. 

Rapoo’s VT950 gaming mouse


Finally, Rapoo’s VT950 gaming mouse includes an adjustable counterweight system. There is one removable weight (10g) inside the mouse for you to adjust the weight and balance of the mouse according to your preferences.  

Rapoo’s VT950 is compatible with Windows XP or later, Linux, and macOS. The Package includes: 

  • 1 x Rapoo VT950 Gaming Mouse 
  • 1 x data cable 
  • 1 x Quick start guide 
  • 1 x USB receiver 
  • 1 x user manual 

Gaming Mouse by Rapoo

Rapoo’s VT900 

Rapoo’s VT900 is almost identical to VT950 when it comes to features and capabilities. Like VT950, VT900 has an ergonomic design, adjustable DPI gaming sensor in 7 levels from 50 to 16,000 DPI, customizable RGB system with over 16 million colors, customizable OLED display, onboard memory, and more. 

But what are the main differences between these two models? Well, for starters, unlike the previous model, Rapoo’s VT900 only offers a wired connection via its USB cable. And naturally, there is no built-in battery, which you might not care about if you don’t a super portable mouse.  

Rapoo’s VT900 Mouse


Secondly, Rapoo’s VT900 is only suitable for right-handed individuals and does not deliver a smooth experience for left-handed users.  

Thirdly, unlike the VT950’s one removable weight that is in the mouse when you first open the product, the VT900 comes with 6 removable weights, making it a more ideal option for gamers who prefer to tune the weight of their mouse in drastic ways.  

Lastly, instead of 11 customizable buttons, the VT900 mouse offers 10 customizable buttons. Nevertheless, the VT900 is also an excellent accessory and is among the best-wired gaming mice offered by Rapoo.  

Rapoo’s VT900 is compatible with Windows XP or later, Linux, and macOS. The Package includes:  

  • 1x VT900 wired mouse 
  • 1x User manual 
  • 6x removable weights (6×3.2g) 

Which one is for you? 

These two gaming mice are almost identical and predominantly offer mostly the same main features and capabilities. With that said, if you are right-handed, do not care for wireless connection, and like to tune your mouse’s weight drastically, you might as well pick up Rapoo’s VT900 for a lower cost.  

But if you really want a wireless connection with rechargeable batteries, then Rapoo’s VT950 will suit you well. You will not regret getting either of these affordable gaming mice. 


The Rapoo gaming mice we covered in this article are excellent options for those who seek quality on a budget. Rapoo VT900 and VT950 offer various features and interesting capabilities, such as an RGB system or a customizable OLED display screen, at an affordable price. So, don’t forget to check these two out the next time you wanted to purchase budget gaming mice. 

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