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2 Budget Friendly Rapoo Headsets

Headsets have become an essential accessory for many of today’s jobs. Whether you are an employee in an office or work as a freelancer, you need a proper headset to participate effectively and collaborate in your meetings.  

While there are tons of magnificent headsets out there produced by some of the biggest brands that come with luxurious features and capabilities, not everyone can afford to pay $150 or $200 for a headset.  

For that reason, we want to introduce two budget headsetsthat offer a great experience when it comes to the essentials but stay clear of extra features that would increase their price. These two headsets are Rapoo’s H120 and H100, which are considered among the best budget headsets available. Without further ado, let’s find out about the features and the quality of these two Rapoo headsets. 


Rapoo Headsets  

Rapoo Headsets[/caption]

Rapoo’s H120 

Rapoo H120 Stereo Headset offers clear calls with good audio quality. This headset connects to your PC via a wired, plug-and-play USB connection but requires an adapter for those who want to connect it to their mobile phones. The cable is around 2 meters long, a great length that gives you the freedom to stand up and stretch during long conversations. There is also an extra 3.5mm audio output for sharing music with friends.  Rapoo’s H120 Stereo Headset 

Rapoo’s H120 Stereo Headset[/caption]

The overall size and weight of Rapoo’s H120 are pretty good; it looks slim and feels very light when you put it on. Moreover, with soft and comfortable ear cushions, you will have a very nice experience using these headsets during long online meetings, friendly conversations, extended gaming sessions, or listening to your favorite songs. Also, the headband is adjustable and is suitable for both adults and children.  

The H120 headset also includes an omnidirectional microphone that features noise reduction and adjustable rotation. The microphone has a good quality of voice recording. Additionally, there are in-line volume control buttons that allow you to adjust the volume and mute/unmute the microphone without the need to interrupt your calls. 

Rapoo Headsets

This headset does not require any driver or firmware update. So, you can use this headset with a simple plug-and-play USB connection and then join a Skype call or attend webinars.  

With the quality, comfortability, and limited features this affordable headset provides, businesspersons, students, and anyone in any field looking for a budget headset, will find Rapoo’s H120 one of the excellent options available in the market.  

Rapoo budget Headset

Rapoo’s H100 

Rapoo H100 is basically the same headset as Rapoo’s H120 with one huge difference: This headset comes with a 3.5mm jack instead of a USB connector.  

Just like the previous model, the Rapoo H100 3.5mm Stereo Headset is another affordable headset that offers good audio quality over a wired connection. You can use this plug-and-play headset on any device that allows for a 3.5mm headphone jack connection, which makes up plenty of the devices owned today. You can use H100 with your computers, (some) smartphones, Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and more), PlayStation consoles (PS4, PS5, and more), Nintendo Switch, and much more.  

Rapoo’s H100

Similar to H120, the Rapoo H100 is slim and light. It features a 2-meter-long cable, comfortable cushions, and a flexible headband. It also comes with an omnidirectional microphone featuring noise reduction and adjustable rotation. H100 comes with the in-line volume control buttons so you can adjust the volume or mute and unmute the microphone.  

Which one is right for you? 

To decide between these two Rapoo headsets, first, you need to see what devices you want the headset for. If you mainly want to use the headset for your PC, you can go for Rapoo H120 because of its USB connection. However, if you wish to use your headset on various devices and some of them only have 3.5mm audio output, you better go for Rapoo’s H100. Regardless of which you pick, it is undeniable that these two affordable headsets offer good audio and microphone quality at a very low cost.  


The Rapoo affordable headsets introduced in this article are among the best budget headsets available in the market. They can definitely offer a great value over the low budget you invest in them. You can use them for your business-related online meetings, friendly phone calls, or entertainment purposes like playing video games on your PC or console. So, don’t forget these two models the next time you were looking for a budget headset! 

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