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Why business video conferencing is a trend that is here to stay

It has been almost three years since COVID-19 affected all our lives, for better or worse. It is no secret that COVID changed a lot about our day-to-day lives. Perhaps one of the most significant changes was how companies transitioned to holding the majority of their meetings and conferences online. 

Today, video conference calls are more prominent than they have ever been. Many companies are equipped with proper video conferencing hardware and have gained enough experience using online conferencing platforms and applications. Having tasted the efficiency and cost-saving advantages of hybrid work and reduced business travel, a lot of companies and their employees do not wish to return to full-time, in-person work.

In this article, we will delve deeper into why business video conferencing is here to stay for the long haul and why your company can benefit from using video conferencing in business communications.


The Future of Video Conferencing Platforms

Plenty of time saved

Conducting meetings and conferences online instead of taking business trips can save
many resources, most importantly time, for employees and executives to focus on upcoming projects and tasks. While business trips can take at least an entire day, most of which does not involve conducting any business only requires you to power up your computer and join the meeting with anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Increased reach to a wider audience 

Since large, in-person events are typically costly for corporations, there is always
a limitation on the number of attendees. However, with
video conferencing, there is no limitation to attendance since suitable conferencing applications can host meetings with up to 300 participants. Conferences and meetings held online allow companies to invite more industry attendees to their workshops, events, and conferences, resulting in businesses expanding their reach to a larger number of people.

Save the planet one video conference call at a time

One of the major sources of pollution and a cause of global warming is the high numbers of human transportation. Many people get to work via vehicles that require gas to operate. Moreover, those who must travel frequently for business must take planes, which also contributes immensely to pollution. 

Video conferencing platforms are an environmentally-friendly solution to this issue and can help decrease the effects of global warming. If more companies adopt video conferencing equipment and platforms to maintain internal and external relations, instead of requiring full-time in-person work or frequent business trips, we might truly be able to positively impact the environment.  

Reduced stress and health problems

There is a strong correlation between human health and the number of business trips.
Stress, sleep interruption caused by changing time zones, disruptions in eating and drinking habits, lack of exercise, obesity, anxiety, and depression are only some of the health problems associated with regular business trips. 

Among all the risks mentioned above, stress is probably the most significant as it directly impacts an individual’s ability to enjoy work and perform effectively. Stress can also be the source of the health hazards mentioned earlier. Utilizing video conferencing equipment and platforms to hold meetings online can help reduce employee stress associated with frequent travel, thus increasing their quality of life, as well as job satisfaction.


What’s the catch?

Building trust becomes difficult 

Even though video conference calls can replicate much of the experience of an actual meeting, they cannot replace seeing clients in person. In some crucial situations, for instance, especially those that involve working with a new party, online meetings and conferences may not suffice. 

For example, when two companies wish to start working together, or two parties want
to sign a crucial deal, meeting face-to-face can change their discussion’s outcome. When trying to build a relationship, meeting in person is essential. Even a simple handshake can help create a special bond. After all, much of business is conducted during happy hours, office visits, and business lunches.

Trust is a very important factor in business relations and cooperation, which is harder to establish in remote meetings. Moreover, in some cultures, sending a representative for a business meeting is considered an act of respect and showcases how serious you are about your relationship with a particular client or partner. Meeting with business partners and clients in person can have a strong effect on investments as it helps businesses grow.

According to recent studies, physical meetings are still widely favored, with only
30% of executives deeming business travel as lacking value. In fact, 89% of respondents believe that face-to-face meetings are more appealing in several situations, such as when meeting a new customer and conducting negotiations.

Poor internet or hardware quality can have grave consequences

A poor internet connection can become an obstacle in video conferencing. Even in developed
countries, internet speed is not always the best. While these connection problems could be tolerable in a normal call with a friend or a family member, they might lead to frustration and an impression of unprofessionalism in business meetings. Even if the internet connection is strong, that is no guarantee that the quality of audio and video will be great, especially if the business has not invested in proper
video conferencing hardware.


So, how to improve your business video conferencing readiness?

Using the right video conferencing equipment is at the forefront of ensuring that
online meetings and conferences are successful. While employees working from home would need a suitable 
webcam and headset, video conference calls conducted from the office require proper video conferencing solutions. Such solutions include all-in-one video conferencing cameras that also feature strong speakers and microphones, as well as comprehensive video conferencing kits that offer a stand-alone camera, microphones, speakers, and more. Using the proper video conferencing equipment will ensure that your presence is properly captured during each business call, increasing your chances of leaving the best possible impression on your business affiliates.


There is no doubt that the use of video conferencing in business communications is a
trend that cannot be reversed. This trend will likely become more and more widespread as companies realize the benefits of conducting business through video conference calls. Nevertheless, it is important to be realistic about the limitations of video conferencing and to be fully prepared by securing the strongest internet connection and conferencing equipment to ensure that your calls run smoothly. 

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