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Logitech Rally Bar: The best video conferencing bar

Video conferencing has become a staple of business in the post-COVID era and will continue to dominate as hybrid working conditions become more common. Naturally, this makes find the best accessories for video conferencing all the more important to ensure that the workflow could feel at least a bit more like it was before we all had to see our co-workers through a camera. A clear picture and audio are the only things that make a video conferencing solution great, but the execution of these two pillars has proven to be anything but simple! 

In this article, we have prepared for you an overview of the Rally video conferencing solution family manufactured by Logitech, with a specific focus on the newly released Logitech Rally Bar video conferencing device. But this time, they quite literally raised the bar!

Logitech Rally Bar Mini in White

What’s included in the Rally Bar lineup?

The Rally lineup consists of three of the best video conferencing bars available in the market: the standard Logitech Rally Bar, Logitech Rally Bar Mini, and Logitech Rally Plus, designed for medium, small, and large conference rooms and huddle spaces, respectively. This means that you should not look at them as mini or pro versions of phones, which are usually inferior or superior products compared to the standard model. It’s not a matter of the Rally Bar vs the Rally Bar Mini or the Logitech Rally Bar vs the Rally Plus; rather, each device is designed to fit a different environment.

The headline features of the entire Rally video conferencing bar lineup are quite a few! AI-assisted panning, crisp audio output, expansive mic array with noise suppression, up to 4K video, uniquely efficient cable management, ability to connect to popular video conferencing services without the need to connect to a computer, and more are only part of the complete package that Logitech’s latest offerings bring to the table––literally!

Before we start talking more about the features we just listed, you might want to check the most essential specs for the line-up; if not, skip to the design section below.

Logitech Rally Bar Mini

Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Plus

4K PTZ Camera with 4X digital zoom4K PTZ Camera with 15X HD zoom (5X optical, 3X digital)4K PTZ Camera with 15X HD zoom (5X optical, 3X digital)
Pan: Motorized ±25°Tilt: Motorized ±15°Pan: Motorized ±25°Tilt: Motorized ±15°Pan: Motorized ±90°Tilt: Motorized +50° / -90°
Speaker with 70mm woofer driver and 38mm mid-range driverSpeaker with dual 70mm driversTwo speakers with 76mm drivers
RightSense technologiesRightSense technologiesRightSense technologies
No Mic Pod included, Supports up to 2No Mic Pod included, Supports up to 32 Mic Pods included, Supports up to 7
All-in-one solutionAll-in-one solutionDisplay Hub and Table Hub included for smarter cabling and content sharing

Now that you have a better idea of the specs, we can jump in and talk more about what makes Rally Bar the ultimate video conferencing bar.

Logitech Rally Bar in White
Logitech Rally Bar in white. Courtesy of Logitech.
The highlights of Logitech Rally Bar:


It isn’t easy to pick one feature as the selling point of the Logitech Rally Bar video conferencing device because there are so many of them. However, we will make a judgment call and start off with the premium design of the Rally Bar. The cable management is especially unique and even customizable! You can take off the back plate to see the beautifully aligned cables and manage them if need be.

But perhaps the main attraction of this video conferencing solution is the front of the device. The Rally Bar offers a sleek design that is as elegant as it is minimalistic. You will find the speakers, microphones, camera, and AI viewfinder in a well-crafted premium looking/feeling package. There is also a slew of accessories to compliment the Rally Bar and expand on its capabilities.


The Logitech Rally Bar comes with a multi-element lens assembly capable of recording up to 4K resolution for a crisp image. This video conferencing bar’s RightLight technology also ensures that you don’t have to deal with awkward white balances and constant shifting of color whenever the camera changes focus. But the strengths don’t stop there! The lens actually supports up to 5x optical zoom (15x HD digital), which, combined with the AI viewfinder and its scene awareness feature, can zoom in on a participant in the back of the room without losing quality.

Speaking of zooming in on participants, the Logitech Rally Bar video conferencing device’s camera also features an AI-driven 30-degree tilt and 50-degree pan capability to ensure the framing is always just right. The RightSight feature gives the participants maximum freedom in moving about the environment and forgetting about the video conferencing equipment. Because as they say, the best technology is the one you don’t notice!

Logitech Rally Bar Mini in Black
Logitech Rally Bar Mini. Courtesy of Logitech.


The Logitech Rally Bar features a dual 70mm speaker setup that can truly fill up the room. The drivers are large and tuned to have ultra-low distortion at maximum volumes. The right sound technology makes sure that every word is heard with outstanding clarity by everyone in the room.

But this video conferencing bar’s speakers are only half the story. There is still the issue of picking up the sound. Logitech has also trademarked its microphone tech on top of its speaker, auto-framing, and lighting tech! The beamforming mic array picks up voices at every seat and shifts the focus on the active speaker while suppressing ambient noise.


There’s an entire range of accessories to compliment the Logitech Rally Bar video conferencing device. These accessories are on the list of the best accessories for video conferencing in the market.

The Rally Mic Pod is a small puck-shaped microphone that expands the audio coverage of the Rally Bar even further, and also adds convenient access to mute controls, on top of the remote control that comes in the box with the Rally Bar. There is also a wall mount and a TV mount that can fix the Rally bar above or below a TV or any other display.

But the star of the show is the Logitech Tap Controller, which makes connecting to partner solutions such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings easier than ever. It is a tablet-esque controller that eliminates the need for having computers in meetings. Aptly named, the Tap Controller allows you to get in the conference room with nothing but your notes and connect to a meeting with only a…well…tap!

Logitech Rally Plus
Logitech Rally Plus. Courtesy of Logitech.
The Logitech Rally Bar Mini and the Rally Plus

All the awesome tech packed in the Logitech Rally Bar finds itself in the Mini and the Plus video conferencing equipment as well. There are certain changes, however, that make each of these products better suited for different situations. 

For instance, the main difference between Rally Bar vs the Rally Bar Mini is that the latter is designed for smaller rooms. It supports up to two extra Mic Pods. It also features a 4x HD digital zoom, while the standard Rally Bar and Rally Plus offer 15x HD digital zoom (5x optical and 3x digital). The standard Rally Bar supports up to three Mic Pods, and the Plus supports up to seven.

One of the main differences between the Logitech Rally Bar vs Rally Plus is that the latter offers bigger and badder speakers! Two separate speakers with large, 76mm drivers accompany the standalone camera of the Rally Plus. The camera also boasts a full 180-degree panning capability and a much wider tilt range of up to 140 degrees. There is also the handy feature of Kensington Lock available only on the Plus model.

Logitech Rally Family
Logitech Rally Family. Courtesy of Logitech.
Logitech Rally Bar and its place in the video conferencing solutions world

The Logitech Rally Bar series of video-conferencing solutions is a jack of all trades. It delivers top-of-the-line image and audio with a whole range of extra features that, while may individually be found in competing products, are impossible to be found in one package. If you can think of a feature that you would want in a video conferencing solution, from the AI-driven frame adjustment to the beamforming mic array that picks up voices crystal clear from the far end of the room, you would be hard-pressed not to find it in the entire Rally Bar range. It feels like it needs to be mentioned again––Logitech truly raised the Bar with this one!

Want to learn more about the products discussed in this article?

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