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Top CES 2021 products for eco-conscious consumers

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in 2021 from January 11–14 by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). This year, however, a digital convention replaced the physical exhibition due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the digital format did not stop them from showing off various creative devices, including all the top CES 2021 products. In this article, we will focus on five of the best CES 2021 products that were made with sustainability in mind, including the Targus Cypress Bags with EcoSmart®, designed specifically for eco-friendly consumers. Ninu Perfume
Ninu Perfume

Have you ever thought about mixing perfumes with technology to produce a smart perfume that would adjust the scent it sprays based on your mood? If so, well, Ninu Perfume is the answer to your fantasy!

One of the best CES 2021 products, Ninu is a perfume startup that aims to make a smarter fragrance designed for those who wish to change their aroma daily. With a purse-sized design, Ninu is a revolutionary, smart device that pairs with an AI-guided app and comes with hundreds of scents in only one bottle. 

Ninu’s app enables you to choose a scent that best suits your mood each time you use the perfume, and its smart AI assistant can learn your preferences over time and make intelligent suggestions. This makes Ninu one of the top CES 2021 products not just for eco-friendliness, but also innovation. 

Built using recycled glass vials, Ninu is promised to come with less packaging, thus helping the industry become greener. This best CES 2021 gadget is suitable both for men and women, featuring various types of masculine and feminine scents. It is also worth mentioning that this perfume’s name was inspired by Tapputi and Ninu, the first recorded chemist and her researcher.

Loreal's Water Saver
Loreal’s Water Saver. Courtesy of Loreal.
Loreal’s Water Saver

As you might already know, L’Oreal is an international personal care company focused on producing beauty products. However, their newest goal is to offer a revolutionary device that not only can be used for personal care, but can also help our beautiful world save more water.

Loreal’s Water Saver, a top CES 2021 product, uses a technology named “fractioning,” which divides the flow of water to create ten times smaller droplets and accelerates their speed for faster and more effective rinsing. Water Saver will only use two liters of water per minute, while a standard showerhead consumes around eight liters. This will lead to about an 80% decrease in water consumption without sabotaging people’s experience of taking a shower or skimping too much on pressure.

Water Saver even allows you to monitor your water and energy consumption using the system’s data dashboard. L’Oreal claims that by using this technology, we can save one billion gallons of water each year.

Water Saver was made possible as the result of a partnership between L’Oreal and Gjosa, which is an environmental company. The interesting fact is that Water Saver was not designed with only beauty salons in mind; on the contrary, there is also a specific version of Water Saver suited for personal use as well.

The salon version of Water Saver includes a hair product infusion device that allows products such as shampoo, oils, or conditioners with micronized haircare formulas to infuse directly into the water stream. Therefore, instead of overloading your hair with drying shampoos, you may experience a salon experience with improved efficiency, better product distribution and absorption, and easier rinsing.

Ampere's Shower Power
Ampere’s Shower Power. Courtesy of Ampere.
Ampere’s Shower Power

Speaking of showers, another product introduced during CES 2021 was designed specifically for those who like to sing in the shower!

Ampere’s Shower Power, one of the best CES 2021 products, is a Bluetooth speaker that attaches to a showerhead and uses a small hydroelectric turbine to generate all the power it needs from the water that flows through it. When the water runs through, Shower Power’s generator turns the speaker on and charges a small battery simultaneously, allowing the device to stay on for up to 20 hours after you turn off the water.

What makes this product especially eco-friendly is that it saves the world from rechargeable batteries’ wastes, and its plastic parts are made entirely from recycled ocean plastics.

Ampere has promised that the audio quality will be impressive, with a proprietary amplifier that would radiate sound evenly in all directions. In fact, this best CES 2021 gadget has even partnered with Bluetooth speaker manufacturers such as Monster and Braven, which are experts in their field, in order to ensure the audio quality of Shower Power.

Samsung's Solar-Powered TV Remote
Solar-Powered TV Remote (backside), a top new CES 2021 product by Samsung. Courtesy of Samsung.
Samsung’s Solar-Powered TV Remote
Among all of the new tech devices Samsung showed us at CES 2021, there was one product that truly shined as an eco-friendly item: the Samsung Solar Cell Remote Control. This remote control, a top CES 2021 product, which will be included in Samsung’s entire 2021 line-up as part of the company’s environment-friendly efforts, is designed to decrease huge amounts of waste resulting from the utilization of traditional AAA batteries. Samsung claims using solar-powered remotes instead of battery-powered remotes in the next seven years will prevent the wasteful inclusion of 99 million AAA batteries. According to Samsung, almost 25% of the remote’s 31 grams of plastic is recycled polyethylene terephthalate. It is also stated that the remote’s battery can be used for up to two years before requiring a full recharge; while the remote itself lasts for around seven years, which is also the average life cycle of a Samsung TV. The front side of this best CES 2021 gadget looks like any normal TV remote with standard buttons. The back side, however, looks very unique; there is a small solar panel that helps the remote charge in direct sunlight or even indoor light. And if that is not enough, there is a USB-C port on the bottom that allows you to charge the remote more quickly.
Targus Cypress Bags with EcoSmart
Cypress Backpack with EcoSmart, one of Targus’ new CES 2021 products. Courtesy of Targus.
Targus Cypress Bags with EcoSmart®

Last but definitely not least, the Targus Cypress bags with EcoSmart® were introduced at CES 2021. These bags were among the many Targus products at CES. They are very roomy in size and have many compartments, allowing users to fit their entire desk setup and essential items into their bag and easily carry them between their destinations.

The Targus Cypress Bags with EcoSmart®, amongst the best CES 2021 products, are large enough to fit a laptop, a full-size keyboard, a mouse pad, all of your power cables, a lunch box, and, much more. These bags are excellent bags for those who carry their work setup between their house and work office.

Moreover, this top CES 2021 product, from Targus, is made from woven fabric spun out of plastic water bottles, and is certified by the Global Recycled Standard. There is even an antimicrobial-infused protective finish on several touch-points, which means fewer germs will reside on the bag.

The laptop compartment for these bags fits laptops of up to 15.6’’ while cradling above the base of the main compartment, which means it can protect your laptop more if you accidentally drop your bag on the ground. The padded compartment provides a good amount of protection against bumps, and the interior mesh pockets are very helpful for keeping the rest of your gear well organized.

It is also worth mentioning that the Targus Cypress Bags contain both adjustable shoulder straps with padded back panels and comfortable top handles.


These were five exciting products among the most innovative tech devices that were introduced during CES 2021. Each one is a revolutionary product that will not only make our lives easier but also redeem our planet’s health. Hopefully, we will see mass productions followed by great successes for each one of these devices.

If you are interested in learning more about the Targus products and bags Newcom offers, be sure to check out our products page. You can also always get in contact with us if you would like additional help from one of our team members.

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