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3 Logitech keyboards for tablet users

Keyboards are an essential part of today’s digital devices. Whether it’s a digital keyboard integrated into a smartphone operating system or a physical keyboard for laptops and computers, our device’s functionality depends on them. Moreover, because of the central role keyboards play in how we work with digital devices, there are certain important features to pay attention to when you have decided to buy one.  


logitech keyboards for tablet


Keyboards come in various types, each having its own unique layout and size. For example, full-size (100%) keyboards contain all of the standard buttons, 75% of keyboards eliminate the number pad section to achieve a smaller size, and 60% of keyboards remove the number pad, arrow keys, and function row from the standard layout to become a more compact keyboard. Each type is excellent on its own and designed for a specific setup. 

In this article, we will focus on compact keyboards, covering three models from Logitech that can suit tablet users the best. These are among the best wireless keyboards for tablets and smartphones. So, without further ado, let’s find more about these three keyboard models! 

best multi device keyboard


K380 multi-device Bluetooth keyboard  

The first model we want to introduce in this article is the Logitech K380 keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard for tablets, smartphones, and other devices. This model is very slim and compact, giving you the freedom of carrying this light keyboard anywhere. On top of that, Logitech K380 also has a minimalist modern design, which can easily fit into any setup and add more style to it. You can even fit it in your bag. 

The keys, placed tightly in the small layout, are designed to feel very comfortable. The small footprint allows you to put your mouse near the keyboard and have a better and more comfortable body posture. With Logitech K380, you will have a fluid and quiet typing experience, much like laptop keyboards.  

bluetooth keyboard for tablet

Using a Bluetooth connection, you can connect this keyboard to almost every type of device with any operating system. This keyboard works with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and even Apple TV. With the easy Bluetooth connection this keyboard provides, you can simply work with your laptop, phone, or tablet, whether you are at home, on the go, at work, at a café, or any other place you want. The interesting part is that Logitech K680 will remember mapped keys and shortcuts on any device you use it on. 

Logitech K380 is a multi-device keyboard, which means that you can connect this keyboard to up to three devices and switch between them instantly with just a tap. It does not even matter if the operating system of these devices is different.  

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that Logitech K380 features two AAA alkaline batterie pre-installed into the keyboard, which gives you around two years of battery life. The Logitech K380 keyboard also comes with one year of limited warranty. 

multi device keyboard


K480 multi-device Bluetooth wireless keyboard 

The second model we want to cover in this article is the Logitech K480 keyboard. Similar to the previous model, K480 also features a modern, minimalist design. It is slim enough to fit your bag, light enough for carrying, and compact enough to fit into any place when you want to work with it. The keys are comfortable and last 5 million keystrokes in their life span. Moreover, there are some hotkeys, such as Home, Search, Back, App-Switch, and Contextual Menu on this keyboard that will hopefully keep shortcut enthusiasts satisfied. 

wireless keyboards for tablet


Just like the K380, Logitech K480 is a multi-device keyboard as well; so, you can connect it to up to three devices at the same time. But the difference is that, instead of having three buttons for switching between devices, there is a switch dial at the top left corner of the keyboard. All you need to do is turn the dial toward the device you want to use your keyboard on. 

Logitech K480 works wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection. And just like K380, it works with a long range of various devices and operating systems, from Android and Windows to Apple TV. 

Logitech K380


But what makes K480 very unique compared to Logitech K380 is the built-in phone and tablet cradle on top of the keyboard. This cradle keeps your tablet screen at just the right angle for you to view while typing. Most phones and tablets up to 10.5 thick and 258 mm wide can fit on this keyboard’s cradle. Thanks to this feature, Logitech K480 is considered an excellent Bluetooth keyboard for tablets and mobile phones. 

Just like Logitech K380, this keyboard also features two AAA alkaline batterie pre-installed into the keyboard and provides around two years of battery life. Additionally, Logitech K480 also comes with one year of limited warranty. 

Keys-to-Go portable wireless keyboard for Apple devices


Keys-to-Go portable wireless keyboard for Apple devices 

The last compact keyboard we will introduce in this article is Logitech Keys-to-Go. This is another multi-device keyboard with a Bluetooth connection compatible with the same devices and operating systems as the previous models. Other strengths of the keyboard include its elegant and stylish design and the compact nature of its keys, which help it fit into any workspace you desire. 

The keys in Logitech Keys-to-Go are silent and offer a quiet typing experience, which will prevent any bothersome noise from reaching the people around you. This was done without eliminating the pleasant feeling of keystrokes’ tactile feedbacks and bounces.  

Logitech Keys-to-Go


Logitech Keys-to-Go features a full row of shortcut keys suited for common functions of iOS devices. So, if you want to use this keyboard on your iOS system, you can significantly benefit from this row of shortcuts. The shortcut row includes keys for adjusting volume, controlling media, adjusting screen brightness, and much more.   

How about the battery life? Well, Logitech Keys-to-Go works for up to three months if you use it for around two hours per day on average without the need to recharge the battery. There is a battery level indicator light on the keyboard which tells you when you need to recharge the keyboard. This keyboard can be easily charged with a USB cable.  

wireless keyboard for tablets by Logitech


Moreover, there is an attachable stand for smartphones in the upper part of the keyboard that offers a right angle with an easy-to-read position. With this feature, Logitech Keys-to-Go is simply an excellent wireless keyboard for tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. In the end, all you need to know is that you can easily clean up the keyboard without anything happening to it.  

Moreover, there is an attachable smartphone stand that offers the right angle with an easy-to-read position. With this feature, Logitech Keys-to-Go is simply an excellent wireless keyboard for tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.

Logitech Keyboards



The keyboards we introduced in this article are among the best multi-device keyboards available today. Each one of them come with their own unique features and capabilities. Whether you want to use these Logitech keyboards for tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops, or any other devices, there are benefits you can enjoy from. 

As an official distributor of Logitech products for the UAE and various other countries in the region, Newcom proudly offers the three different tablet keyboards mentioned in this article. If you are interested in learning more about these keyboards or other keyboards we offer, please check out our products page. For further information or any inquiries, make sure to directly call us or reach out through our contact us page. 


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