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Logitech Desk Mat Studio Series: A productivity-focused desk mat for keyboard and mouse

Conventionally, desk mats have been looked at as an accessory to gaming mice and keyboards made by manufacturers. For instance, Logitech has been offering the G840 desk mat for a while to go alongside its gaming peripherals.  

But now, Logitech is trying to break that convention by releasing the Desk Mat Studio series. Their new desk mats are not gaming-focused. Instead, the new desk mat features Logitech’s new “Logi” logo that is reserved for its modern productivity-focused computer peripherals such as the Logitech MX Keys, Craft, and the MX Master 3. 

Logitech desk mat studio series

Let’s talk colors! 

The Logitech Desk Mat comes in three colors. It is safe to assume that two of the three colors, lavender and dark rose, are designed with the newly released Logitech POP Keys, the POP Mouse, and the K380 keyboard in mind.  

There is also the mid-gray color, which can work with most setups as the two-tone dark and light gray goes with almost any keyboard and mouse color Logitech offers. This is the color to go for if you are going for a more subtle, minimalist desk mat for the keyboard and mouse.

desk mat for keyboard and mouse

More on the design and material 

This rather large desk mat comes in at 30x70cm, with a thickness of just 2mm. It weighs 286 g, which is rather heavy for its thickness. However, that is on purpose. The slight heaviness of the Logitech desk mat, along with the 72% natural rubber anti-slip base, ensures that it will not move during use. 

The surface is made up of 100% recycled Polyester, made from recycled plastic bottles as a testament to Logitech’s embrace of sustainability. As opposed to the base, the surface is as smooth as it can be to ensure that your mouse can glide with no effort. The surface is also spill-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about the rare splash of liquids. If such an accident does occur, you can easily wipe off the liquid with no damage to the mat or your desk. The sides of the mat are a sewn combination of Nylon and Polyester that doesn’t fray like some other desk mats/mousepads. 

Final words 

The Logitech Desk Mat Studio Series is now available for purchase throughout the UAE. It’s a high-quality, minimal Desk Mat for your mouse and keyboard and goes especially well with some of Logitech’s own offerings.  

Logitech Desk Mat

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