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The benefits of Tagus MiraLogic for organizations and businesses

Intelligent management systems are being integrated in offices every day. In such workplaces, the internet of things and artificial intelligence have a huge role in the workflow; they transform offices into much more digital workspaces by automatizing the process of gathering important data and performing many tedious tasks. With all the benefits these workspaces have to offer and the promising future they present, it only makes sense for them to be dominating the world of business. 

Targus Mira logic

In fact, as we covered in one of our previous articles, there are many various reasons for companies and organizations to transform their offices into intelligent workspaces. There are also tons of statistics to back up the effects of such workspaces on productivity and the quality of services provided by businesses. 

Today, we want to discuss how Targus’ MiraLogic, an intelligent workspace solution and CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree, can help businesses and large organizations. If you do not know what the MiraLogic platform is, we recommend you read our previous article regarding this topic first, which delves into Targus MiraLogic’s advantages and its overall functionality.  

Targus Miralogic, CES 2020 Honoree. Courtesy of Targus.
Targus Miralogic, CES 2020 Honoree. Courtesy of Targus.

In short, the MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System is a platform with IoT connectivity that aims to combine major enterprise devices, such as smart universal docking stations, smart power strips, smart sensors, and desktop power strips, with cloud-based software. With this mixture, Targus’ MiraLogic benefits a workplace by transforming it into a much more engaged and productive one.  

One of Targus MiraLogic’s advantages is that it gains intel and insights about various aspects of a workplace. Using this intelligent workplace solution, companies can discover the length of time employees spend at their desks, the amount of energy consumed daily, and the usage of hardware or individual workstations.  

Possessing information of this nature is helpful to many organizations because they can analyze it and come up with suitable ways to fine-tune their work processes and use of space and energy. In this article, we will cover four of the main benefits MiraLogic has to offer, both to employers and employees. 

digital workspace
Still from Targus’ MiraLogic video visually showcasing the ways in which this system helps increase efficiency in a workplace. You can watch the video here: Courtesy of Targus.

Data collection that provides insights about employees’ use of their workspaces

By keeping track of whether a workstation is in use and for how long, MiraLogic provides business operators with a better view of how employees utilize space. Such information is especially helpful for businesses that use an open-space plan since such offices require employers to manage and keep track of how employees use space to best optimize the office space to the needs of those who work there.  

One of Targus MiraLogic’s benefits is that the insights it provides can help office managers divert their attention to problems such as the one highlighted in Targus’ example, much more quickly. Access to such data ultimately helps increase employee productivity and the overall effectiveness of an organization because office managers can use it to make changes to the office plan that will help enhance the use of space and avoid employees’ concerns about a lack of adequate or comfortable space to work in.  

Maintaining the privacy of employees while gathering insights

Targus MiraLogic's peripherals include one of the best smart power strips out there, which connects to the Smart Dock to gather insights about energy usage within an office. Courtesy of Targus.
Targus MiraLogic’s peripherals include one of the best smart power strips out there, which connects to the Smart Dock to gather insights about energy usage within an office. Courtesy of Targus.

Furthermore, since MiraLogic’s peripherals use end-to-end encryption to transfer data, the gathered information will always stay safe and secure, even if cybercriminals intrude into a company’s network system. 

Remote diagnosis and quick control of the workspace

Another of Targus MiraLogic’s benefits is that it allows IT employees to gain remote access to the workplace to perform diagnostics. In this way, because MiraLogic performs its data-gathering processes in real-time and updates them consistently, the IT team can detect and solve technical problems more quickly. 

MiraLogic allows IT teams to perform power cycle resets or release Targus firmware updates to the Universal Smart Dock remotely, which can significantly ease the process of firmware updates and sustain their regularity.  

Firmware updates
Targus’ peripherals all connect together to allow the IT team in a company to perform its tasks more efficiently. Courtesy of Targus.

MiraLogic also allows a company’s IT team to manage its digital assets by discovering and controlling the computer peripherals connected to the smart dock. As many of you already know, a company’s assets are extremely precious and important; so, having additional, easier ways of managing them is always a significant value. 

Moreover, instead of spending a tedious amount of time finding the problem, IT employees can monitor the technical aspects of the workflow on any given device, detect any potential equipment issues, and solve it long before it disturbs employees’ work. The IT team can thus save a significant amount of time and money and dedicate them to improving their productivity.  

Monitoring the consumption of energy

One of the main benefits of Targus’ MiraLogic is the opportunities it presents for consuming less energy and saving more power. MiraLogic gathers data about the precise statistics of how much power is used when it is used, and wherein the office the energy is most consumed.  

Targus’ new Universal Smart Dock can also collect energy consumption data in real-time, which employers can use to analyze their workplace power usage and investigate ways to minimize it. The solution offers IT managers the ability to understand and control overall energy consumption by seeing how much power is being used at a desk, department, or floor level, improving the overall energy efficiency of the office. 

hd docking station
The Smart Dock is one of the most important peripherals in the MiraLogic line-up, helping connect all of the other peripherals so that the system runs and gathers data smoothly. Courtesy of Targus.

Using Targus’ MiraLogic, companies can switch their workplace’s power off remotely (which is possible with some of Targus’ universal docking stations as well). This feature offers organizations ways to reduce and cut back on unnecessary energy consumption when workspaces are not in use. Thanks to MiraLogic, you can say goodbye to having your workplace powered through the night and paying for such unnecessary costs.  


Considering the benefits of Targus’ MiraLogic, it’s undeniable that this solution heavily impacts workplace efficiency and productivity. With the essential insights MiraLogic gathers and provides to managers and executives, companies can improve their workspace utilization, manage their energy consumption, increase the efficiency of their IT teams, and consequently, improve their company’s productivity. 

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