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An Introduction to Targus MiraLogic and How It Can Transform Your Workplace

Internet of Things (IoT) is a brilliant concept, especially when it is used to form a bond between hardware and software that enable human beings to take better control of various spaces, including their workspace. Nowadays, this type of solution, such as Targus’ MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System (MWIS), can be especially helpful in managing employee workstations and the office in general, as well as providing more seamless communication between employees.

For instance, through using IoT-dependent solutions, managers and employees can keep track of occupancy and performance in each of their office’s workspaces. This can be especially helpful in instances where managers need to locate an employee or follow the work trends of an employee. Sadly, IoT solutions have yet to be fully implemented into most businesses. But if your business is not using IoT-connected devices and software, it would be a waste of opportunity not to consider taking your workspace management to the next level.

Targus’ MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System
Targus MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System. Courtesy of Targus.
What exactly does Targus’ MiraLogic offer?

Through the use of hardware devices such as smart docking stations and smart sensors, and a cloud-based software, MWIS offers businesses real-time insight into how individual workspaces at an office are performing and allows office managers and employees to access information about occupancy, performance, and efficiency at each individual workspace.

Moreover, the data and analytics are presented through an easy-to-use and user-friendly graphical user interface (which visualizes complex data it receives from each workspace) by using dashboard heat maps and historical snapshots of the condition at each desk in the office. It is important to note that such data can be viewed through a website portal, as well as on iOS or Android through the use of a dedicated application.

Targus’ MWIS has real world implications for managers and employees alike, which can lead to higher levels of productivity. For instance, managers can benefit from it by obtaining more information about an employee. If a particular employee’s actions need to be analyzed, MWIS can provide contact tracing information and proximity data to make that happen.

An example of MiraLogic’s benefits for employees includes a smoother process of reserving workspaces. In order to increase efficiency and minimize time waste, should an employee decide to reserve a conference room, they no longer need to call to check availability; instead, they can simply view office floor plans to check for available conference rooms or open workspaces using the platform on their desktop or smartphone.

Another way MWIS can increase efficiency is by providing real-time data on equipment and automatically submitting a helpdesk ticket to the IT department in case an issue is found in the system, thus saving plenty of time. IT staff can also remotely manage the workspace by performing power cycle resets and firmware updates to MiraLogic’s smart docking station, Universal Smart Dock, which helps run MWIS alongside other products in MiraLogic’s lineup.

Using MiraLogic, the IT department can also optimize energy consumption across an enterprise, and reduce unnecessary power consumptions, especially when it comes to devices eating up power through the night.

It also helps that MWIS comes with a notification and alert system in the platform’s dashboard, which means you will never miss it if a workspace requires your attention. Additionally, since the platform and the Universal Smart Dock both operate through cloud connectivity, updates to the docking station can be administered remotely, eliminating the need for an IT support ticket for a simple dock reset or firmware update.

The hardware that makes it possible

The award-winning Targus hardware is what makes the MWIS possible. Let us take a look at some of them to understand how they fit together to create the platform.

Targus MiraLogic Universal Dock
Targus MiraLogic Universal Smart Dock. Courtesy of Targus.
MiraLogic Universal Smart Dock

The MiraLogic Universal Smart Dock is a high-performance docking station capable of supporting up to two 4K displays through an HDMI and a DisplayPort. Not only that, but it is also capable of charging most USB-C laptops with up to 100W power delivery. Needless to say, phones and tablets can be charged either through the USB-C or the USB-A outs. Furthermore, to deliver data to the MiraLogic Software Platform, the Universal Smart Dock uses secure Bluetooth mesh communication.

Targus MiraLogic Smart Power Strip
Targus MiraLogic Smart Power Strip. Courtesy of Targus.
MiraLogic Smart Power Strip

This device monitors the power consumption of each device connected to its outlets and feeds information and analytics it receives about power consumption to the MiraLogic Software Platform through the Universal Smart Dock. The MiraLogic Smart Power Strip’s compatibility with the software platform also allows a user to remotely manage each of the four individual outlets and to turn them on or off based on the time of the day. It is important to note that you can connect up to three Smart Power Strips to a single Smart Dock.

Targus MiraLogic Desktop Power Strip
Targus MiraLogic Desktop Power Strip. Courtesy of Targus.
Desktop Power Strip

While not the smartest piece of the puzzle, this premium power strip offers surge protection for its two outlets, with an addition of two extra built-in USB-A fast charging ports. Plus, it fits really well with the aesthetics of the other products in the line-up.

Targus MiraLogic Smart Sensor
Targus MiraLogic Smart Sensor. Courtesy of Targus.
MiraLogic Smart Sensor

You can use the built-in infrared sensor in this device to check whether a desk is occupied in real-time. On top of that, you can track the workspace’s ambient temperature and humidity. Communication by the sensor is done through the same secure Bluetooth mesh that is used for the Smart Dock, and the data is secured using AES-CCM with 128-bit encryption.

Targus MiraLogic Retrofit Adapter
Targus MiraLogic Retrofit Adapter. Courtesy of Targus.
MiraLogic Retrofit Adapter

Coupled with a Targus Universal Docking Station, you can take advantage of the MWIS using this adapter to connect with the MiraLogic Smart Sensor and Smart Power Strip. This combo enables you to optimize workspace utilization, allowing you to perform remote power cycle resets and keep track of energy consumption and occupancy at any individual workspace.

How does all of this communication happen?

We’ve spent considerable time discussing the various ways in which MiraLogic devices connect to transform your workplace into a smarter version of itself, and now, you might be wondering how all of this connectivity is made possible. All communications that occur across MiraLogic devices and its cloud-based software are done through the combined use of Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth mesh networks.

Moreover, Miralogic uses peer-to-peer communications and multi-path message relay to make sure data is delivered across the system without any hiccups. The MWIS network is ideal for enterprises with extensive network demands, since it enables enterprises to connect thousands of devices to communicate with each other. Also, keep in mind that Targus’ exclusive Bluetooth mesh technology ensures that there will be no bottlenecks or dropped data even with a network of thousands of connected devices.


If you are ready to take your enterprise’s workspace efficiency and productivity to the next level, Targus’ MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System can provide that as a solution packed with cutting-edge innovations that utilize IoT to enhance your enterprise’s performance.

For more information about Targus products, be sure to check out our products page. You can also always get in contact with us if you would like additional help from one of our team members.

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