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3 Logitech Ergo mice that leave your wrists at ease

 You’ve seen the term “ergonomic” come around whenever a brand wants to promote its mouse. But the reality is that not all that glitters is gold, and not all ergonomic mice are Ergo

The term has been used so much, in fact, that it has almost lost all meaning. Most “ergonomic” mice tend only to make the mouse fit better in the hand. “Alright… what else should they do?” you may be thinking to yourself. Well, what about the arm? Have you ever noticed that you must twist your arm to an unnatural degree for very long hours when you’re using your mouse? Leave your arm naturally on the desk and see where your palm will be facing.


Yes, your palm doesn’t automatically face down naturally. So, there are a few muscles always pulling on the two parallel bones in your forearm to twist them in a way that you can grip your mouse. And almost all “ergonomic” mice are ill-prepared to do anything about this issue.

This is where Logitech’s Ergo Mouse lineup comes in. While they have kept hand shape and hand comfort in mind, they have produced three models that also consider the role of your forearm in mouse grip and arm fatigue. The mice’s design has been tilted clockwise so that your forearm will be in a more neutral position to prevent fatigue. And in the case of the last model in the article, the tilt is so significant you barely need to put any effort into your hand to cover the entire mouse. These significant design changes, along with a variety of top-notch features, are what make these mice some of the best Logitech ergonomic mouse options.

Logitech ergo mouse
Logitech Ergo M575: One of the most comfortable mouse options offered by Logitech

The first comfy, wireless option on the list is also the most cost-effective one. The thing about this mouse and our next one on the list is that you don’t need to move your arm to move the cursor anymore––you don’t even need to move your wrist! Your thumb will do all the movement. The ball acts as the sensor, and by moving the stress ball with your thumb, you’ll move the cursor. 

You will not find the rubber feet on this mouse to be like other mice! These rubber feet are not designed to smoothen mouse movement. In fact, they’re there to prevent any sort of movement and keep the mouse locked in place so that the only things that will be moving, is your thumb, and the ball.

The best wireless mouse for work
Logitech MX Ergo Wireless: The best ergonomic wireless mouse for work

The MX Ergo Wireless offers the same features as the M575, except they are improved in every aspect! First, the tilt is now customizable in the MX Ergo Wireless anywhere from 0 degrees to 20 degrees to ensure a better forearm posture for any user and give them the freedom to find the sweet spot. The mouse is also quite large, meaning it could fit even the biggest hands so that you can rest your entire palm on the mouse.

Logitech Mouse


There are also a handful of other features to mention, the combination of which makes this mouse the best ergonomic wireless mouse for work purposes. There is a DPI toggle button next to the trackball. This button helps you switch from the fast movement of the mouse to precision mode instantly. Since this mouse, being one of the best Logitech wireless mouse options, is Logitech flow enabled, there’s also a button behind the scroll wheel that allows you to switch between two connected devices. Speaking of the scroll wheel, there’s also the option for horizontal scrolling, a rarity among many mice. On the left side of the mouse, you can also find the back and forward buttons.

Features of Logitech ergonomic mouse

The extra connectivity can also come especially handy if you work with two computers at your desk or even use a tablet and computer, as you can seamlessly and instantly switch between them. The MX Ergo certainly isn’t a cheap mouse, but it comes packed with features, a unique body shape, and great build quality. If you’ve been thinking that your current mouse is making you uncomfortable, you owe it to yourself to try out the MX Ergo Logitech wireless mouse.

vertical Bluetooth ergonomic mouse
Logitech MX Vertical: A vertical Bluetooth Logitech ergonomic mouse with the fanciest design

The creation of the MX Vertical is where the designers wanted to really go all-in on the idea of ergonomic shapes. The tilt, this time around, is 57 degrees. This type of tilt ensures that your forearm isn’t twisting in its place even a little bit when you’re using the mouse. Because of this change, the design is also revamped. And thank goodness, we finally have a USB-C port with this mouse to charge it on the rare occasions it needs to be charged.

As you can tell in the photos, this vertical Bluetooth mouse takes a different approach to ergonomics than the other two mice on the list. While it doesn’t offer a trackball, it does offer an extreme tilt angle to make it one of the most comfortable mouse options on the market. Now, this means that the mouse has a sensor and is meant to be moved around just like a regular mouse. If you are not a big fan of the trackball solution to ergonomics, you can go with the more conventional (functional-wise and not design-wise!) MX Vertical.

best ergonomic mouse


The DPI switch key has also moved to the top of the mouse, where the metal part of the mouse is located. Also worth noting about the metallic part is that it makes the design stand out and gives a premium look and feel to the mouse. Overall, the design looks high-end and makes it well worth the asking price, making MX Vertical the best Logitech ergonomic mouse for those who want a chic design and a comfortable browsing experience.

One More Thing…

There’s a feature called Logitech Flow, which you might be familiar with if you read a previous article we wrote on it. It’s a cool feature that is present in some Logitech Ergo Mouse models like the MX Ergo Wireless and the MX Vertical. It basically allows hassle-free cross-computer file-sharing just by using the mouse! I know! Weird, right?

best ergonomic mice


With flow-enabled products, you no longer need to upload your file on some sort of cloud service and then download it again on the other computer. You can now copy your file from one computer, bring the cursor to the edge of the display, see it on your other display and paste the file there. The process of getting this to work is a lot simpler than you might think; you just need to install the Logitech Options software on both computers, pair the mouse to both computers and have them connected to the same WiFi. That’s it!


These Logitech Ergo mice look rather extraordinary, but it is their futuristic looks that make them some of the most comfortable and best ergonomic mouse options. Anyone who has a comfort problem with the mouse they are using now can use these mice to let go of their discomfort. Give them a chance and save yourself from a lot of wrist pain.

If you’re looking for a more comfortable mouse but don’t want to dish out a lot of money, the Ergo M575 is a good place to start. If you’re looking for a more premium option that can also provide some extra features, both the MX Ergo and the MX Vertical

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