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2 Targus iPad covers that will protect you and your device

Today, we invest more and more of our time on digital devices, and they have become much more valuable to us. We spend a significant sum of money in purchasing each of these products, and they hold some of our most crucial data, which we do not wish to lose.

But many of these devices are portable, with very fragile designs. So, either because of financial reasons or to protect our valuable data (although for most of us, it is likely both), we really need to take good care of our digital devices and eliminate any risk of breaking them. In other words, having a case for your phone, tablet, or laptop is very crucial.

But what if I told you that some cases will not only protect your iPad but also protect you? Yes, you heard it correctly––an iPad case may protect you too! Targus’ iPad covers are among the protective iPad cases that achieve this goal. In this article, we intend to introduce two models of Targus cases with this capability and will expand on how they can protect their users.


Targus iPad cover

VersaVu® Antimicrobial Slim Case for iPad® (8th and 7th gen.)

The first Targus iPad cover that we want to introduce is the VersaVu® Antimicrobial Slim Case for iPad® (8th and 7th gen.). According to Targus’ official claims, this case offers “military-grade drop protection.” In fact, rigorous testing has proved that this case can protect your device from a drop of up to 4 feet!

Furthermore, the Targus VersaVu® case features a patented tray design for rotating 360 degrees, making it much easier for consumers to switch from portrait to landscape modes or the other way around. It is also possible to use the stand function in either portrait mode or landscape mode.

Targus VersaVu® case

Additionally, the design of this case’s interior is textured and non-slip. This means that even the front part of the case, on which you can position your tablet to stand (as you can see in the above photo), is textured and prevents your device from slipping.  So, you can position your iPad in any range you like, whether you want to read something, watch a video, or just interact with the screen. Even when you wish to hold your device and type, you can flip the cover back in order to have a comfortable typing angle between the iPad and the surface it is placed on.

Targus VersaVu® case

The exterior of the Targus VersaVu® case also benefits from a fantastic design. Coming in the color of black, the exterior is very sleek and slim for a case that is built to provide protection and strength. It also features a magnetic closure and has a protective tray with reinforced corners. Moreover, the case is designed appropriately to give full access to all the iPad’s ports, buttons, and camera lenses. So, you will never be forced to remove the case just because you want to use a specific feature.

But that is not all. The VersaVu® case has an integrated stylus tray as well. So, you can always have this case hold your Apple pencil safe and secure. It can also boost audio with innovative audio-scoops that direct sound toward the user. And lastly, this model has a convenient sleep/wake function to reduce downtime and save the battery of your tablets.

Tablet case

But you may wonder, how can any of these features protect you as we stated this case does at the beginning of the article? Well, the last but certainly not least of this Targus case’s features is that it benefits from antimicrobial protection. Targus’ antimicrobial protection is an infused protective finish to the material that protects the case, which keeps its surface clean from bacteria.

As you might have already guessed, this protective finish works very differently than the various sprays you might find in the market. Unlike those sprays, which are applied to the material, this antimicrobial protection is actually infused right into the material, which makes it possible for it to continuously prevent the growth of microorganisms until the end of the case’s life cycle.

Targus Pro-Tek™ Antimicrobial Case


Pro-Tek™ Antimicrobial Case for iPad® (8th and 7th gen.)

The next model we want to introduce is the Pro-Tek™ Antimicrobial Case for iPad® (8th and 7th gen.), which is very similar to the previous one in various ways. It comes with a textured and non-slip interior, gives you full access to all the ports and buttons, and benefits from “military-grade protection,” which grants protection against a drop of up to 4 feet. Furthermore, it features an unlimited amount of viewing angles and suitable typing positions. It also benefits from a secure magnetic tab closure and a proper place for your Apple pencil or stylus.

Targus Pro-Tek

As for differences between these two models, we should note that Pro-Tek is lighter than the former case, weighing only 0.65 lbs. compared to the 0.89 lbs. weight of the previous case. Moreover, Pro-Tek comes in two different colors of black and blue, whereas VersaVu is only available in black.

Targus Pro-Tek case

Most importantly, the Targus Pro-Tek case also benefits from antimicrobial protection, which protects you by helping the case stay clean and preventing the growth of microorganisms.




These two Targus cases are very well-designed and come with a wide range of features and capabilities. But the most notable is their antimicrobial protection feature, which makes it possible for users to stay more protected and healthier, especially given the importance of hygiene and disinfection post-Covid. So, if you were looking to buy a case for your tablet that happens to take care of you as well, you should consider the above-mentioned Targus models.

As an IT distribution company supplying Targus products in the UAE, Newcom offers the two Targus iPad covers mentioned in this article. If you are interested in any of the models discussed, or any other Targus iPad cases and covers (such as the Targus safe fit protective case), please make sure to check out our products page for a few suggestions. For further information or any inquiries, make sure to directly call us or reach out through our contact us page.

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