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Looking for a new backpack? Do not miss these versatile Targus backpacks

As work culture has shifted during the past years, many have found themselves hovering between different locations for work. Some alternate between their home and office. Some work on-the-go while traveling the world. Others are vloggers or social media influencers without a stable office. 

Regardless of which group you fall under, there is one evident truth: many of us no longer work in a single location. What we use to carry our electronics, gadgets, and other necessities throughout the day has thus become more important. Manufacturers, having noted this shift in work culture, have been trying their best to design bags that fit the new needs of working professionals.  

One company that particularly understands what tech enthusiasts and working professionals look for in a backpack is Targus. Targus makes a range of bags and backpacks, including some of the best laptop backpacks on the market. Targu’s bags are all carefully designed with functionality and efficiency in mind. 

In this article, we will introduce you to Targus’ bag categories, feature some of the best Targus backpack and bag collections, provide some recommendations for those looking for the best backpacks to buy for work or other purposes, and close with a note on how to choose backpacks or bags when shopping for one.  

Targus Backpacks

Targus bag categories 

Targus bags are typically divided into two categories. The first category is geared towards professionals and enthusiasts. Bags in this category can range from simple laptop/tablet sleeves to backpacks with a range of compartments specifically made for various tech gadgets such as cameras, power banks, cables, power bricks, tablets, and more. The most typical bags that fall under this category are Targus laptop backpacks. 

The second category includes what we will refer to as hybrid bags. Bags in this category try to strike a balance between catering to the needs of professionals who intend to use their bags or backpacks for work and purposes other than work, such as going to the gym, playing tennis, or going for a night out with friends. 

With these two categories in mind, there are three Targus collections we would like to introduce that emphasize the type of person Targus designs and produces backpacks for.  

Outstanding Targus smart backpack collections 

Targus Cypress EcoSmart

Cypress EcoSmart 

The best thing about the Targus Cypress EcoSmart collection is that it protects the planet by recycling plastic bottles and turning them into woven nylon, which transforms into a durable material out of which the bags in this collection are made of. The collection has already prevented four million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.  

The Cypress lineup is known for its padded laptop compartment, ergonomic shoulder straps, and structural integrity, which allows the bags to stand upright even when they are open. The bags in this collection look and feel effortless than some of Targus’ more professional-focused collections but still offer great versatility. In addition to offering backpacks, this collection offers shoulder bags that can act as classy yet sporty briefcases.  

If you are eco-conscious minimalist looking, then the Cypress EcoSmart line offers some of the best backpacks to buy.


best backpacks to buy


This collection features a tough, iconic design that is centered around protecting the devices you put in it. The Dome Protection system found in this collection disperses the pressure put on the tablet’s screen when it is in the backpack. This helps protect your device’s screen. The bags in the CityGear collection are less minimalistic looking than the Cypress lineup, making them more appropriate for professionals who tend to carry a lot. Simply put, CityGear is one of the best Targus backpack collections for professionals who need very sturdy bags to commute and travel with. 

The CityGear bags are also very versatile as you can attach/detach the shoulder straps of the backpacks and retract the handles to quickly turn them into a briefcase. A scenario in which this versatility would come in handy is when you want to wear the backpack on your shoulder to work but you also need to take the bag around with you a lot in short commutes, in which case a pick-up-and-go briefcase-style would be more desirable.  

best Targus backpack

Work + Play 

This hybrid collection is for professionals who wish to use their backpack to carry items they need for having some fun before or after work. The backpacks in this collection feature a modular design that allows the user to expand the capacity of the main compartment by realigning other compartments. They also feature exterior pockets that can be very helpful for storing items that need to be easily accessed, such as a metro card, snack, or earbuds case.  

Another great feature in this lineup of backpacks is the SafePort Sling Protection System. This system offers great protection for laptops by keeping them suspended and in place in case of a drop, preventing it from absorbing the impact. 

Perhaps the biggest differentiating factor of this lineup with the two mentioned before is that it features a separate compartment that can fit many gears and accessories, including footwear. This is a feature not typically found in other productivity-focused backpacks. Thus, the Work + Play collection offers some of the best laptop backpacks for professionals who also participate in other activities during the workweek.  

Top choices from each collection

Cypress Security Backpack with EcoSmart 15.6” 

This minimalistic backpack from the Targus Cypress EcoSmart collection puts security first. The front is pocket-free for security reasons, but there is a strategically placed main compartment for your valuables that isn’t visible from the outside. For even more security, the zipper isn’t even visible when you have the backpack on as it opens from the back and not from the top. This makes the bag one of the best laptop backpacks Targus offers for those who frequently travel through metro stations, airports, or urban centers as this bag’s design prevents pickpockets from accessing your valued possessions.  

Inside the bag’s single compartment is a padded pocket in which you can keep your laptop. There are also mesh pockets placed in the compartment to keep the rest of your gear organized, including a specific spot for your water bottle. The rugged base of the backpack is crafted from weather-resistant material and offers a stable base, which helps the backpack effortlessly stand upright when you set it down. 

Another noteworthy feature of this backpack, aside from its ergonomic, padded shoulder straps, is that it features a luggage pass-through trolley strap. You would also be pleased to know that in the making of this back, 17 plastic bottles we recycled.  

best laptop backpacks

CityGear Topload Laptop Case 

This Targus bag has many external compartments, making it a very suitable bag for those who have a lot to carry. It features the Dome Protection System that dissipates the pressure on your laptop or tablet through the bag’s shock-absorbing layers. The zipped pockets inside are meshed, allowing you to check what’s inside without opening them, which helps with a bag with this many compartments. There’s also space for notebooks and stationeries. 

The bag features padded grab-and-go handles, a padded shoulder strap, and trolley straps to make it a versatile commuter option. It’s an ideal bag––because of the clever dissipation of pressure between the padded pockets––for people who need to carry multiple devices and many gadgets or accessories. 

best Targus backpacks

Work + Play Fitness 15.6” Laptop Backpack 

This backpack is one that falls under the hybrid category of Targus backpacks. It is the first combination of a work-oriented traditional backpack and the best backpack to buy for professionals who are also sports enthusiasts. The bag includes separate compartments for your clothes and even a pair of workout shoes. The bag offers plenty of space for other accessories and your devices with spacious with a capacity of 27L.  

The backpack also comes with a dedicated laundry bag meant to keep your clothes after/before you go to the gym. The laundry bag is detachable, which allows you to take what you need inside the gym with you while leaving your valuables in the locker. And the separate compartment for shoes is ventilated, ensuring that any perspiration or odor in your shoes will not release to the interior compartments of the backpack. There are also side pockets that can hold a water bottle or coffee flask. 

This bag is one of the best Targus backpacks for busy professionals who also tend to work out. It offers a type of flexibility that no other backpack can offer, with the outstanding quality that is expected of a Targus backpack. 

best Targus backpacks

How to choose backpacks or bags that suit your needs 

Choosing which backpack is the best for you mainly depends on the purpose for which you want to use the backpack and what you wish to carry.  

It is generally a good idea to select a bag that offers a little extra room than you need because you might occasionally need to carry more than you typically do. At the same time, it is important to make sure you purchase a bag that offers the compartments you require without offering too much. Bags with more compartments may be heavier to carry.  

If you are a minimalist, it might be best to stick to your instincts and choose a bag that is made for those who prefer simplicity, such as those offered in the Targus Cypress EcoSmart collection. 

Final words 

In this article, we looked at a few offerings by Targus that might be a good fit for your needs. But people don’t share the same needs, in a lot of cases. If you did not happen to find what you are looking for in this article, do not worry.  

The bags and collections featured in this article are only some of Targus’ offerings. If you are interested in viewing more Targus laptop backpacks and bags, please visit our product site to learn more about other bag collections, such as Targus’ CitySmart collection, Intellect collection, Newport collection, and CityLite collection.  


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