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Important Benefits of Interactive Flat Panel Displays for Teachers and Educational Institutions

In our previous article, we introduced Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) and delved into the top eight features of these devices. As we said, they can be significantly beneficial for both educational institutions and business operators. But how? How can people truly take advantage of these smart tech devices? Well, in this part of the IFPD article series, we will illustrate the importance and benefits of interactive displays for classrooms, teachers, and educational institutions.

Samsung Interactive Flat Panel Display
Interactive displays for classrooms can play an essential role in children’s development of learning and collaboration skills. Courtesy of Samsung.

How can teachers and students benefit from Interactive Flat Panel Displays?

Interactive Flat Panel Displays come with a list of features that can truly enhance the educational experience for both students and teachers. Firstly, the build-in software apps in these devices make it easier for teachers and professors to present various pictures and statistics, supplementary materials, or videos that are related to the lesson. And if those apps are not enough, teachers can benefit from the option of a slot-in computer, which allows them to use their IFPD as a smart display for a functional Windows PC.

Secondly, most Interactive Flat Panel Displays contain optimized viewing angles, which makes them very appropriate for large classrooms filled with dozens of students. The wide viewing angles of many models allow a large number of students to see the screen clearly from any indirect angle, leaving no one in a distorted viewing angle. Moreover, high-quality models are very standard in the terms brightness and pixel density. They also come with with ultra-low blue light, which means that parents do not need to worry about their child’s eye health. 

Thirdly, Interactive Flat Panel Displays have a touchscreen display, which allows teachers to benefit from a natural handwriting experience that is much better and easier than white/blackboards! Many models also support multiple users’ interactivity at the same time. Teachers can benefit from this feature when they want to engage students in a group work activity, which requires multiple students to cooperate and use the board at the same time.

Fourthly, Interactive Flat Panel Displays are very easy to use. Teachers and students who might not be experts in working with tech devices do not have to worry about anything when they want to use an IFPD. These devices are very comfortable, offer a smooth navigation system, and can connect to the internet using a wireless connection. They also feature a cloud-based platform that allows teachers to access and share their files seamlessly in any of their classes from any school they teach at. IFPDs can be installed on any wall, but more importantly, they are all-in-one screens that can be fixed on portable mounts, making it easy for schools to move them from one classroom to another.

Lastly, all of these features and benefits come with full security at lower consumption of time and money. With these devices, teachers, students, and educational institutions can rest assured that their privacy and online safety are secure. And IFPDs are less expensive when you compare them with other alternatives, making them more appealing to educational institutions that want to acquire a large number of these devices to support all of their classrooms. Furthermore, since IFPDs are all-in-one devices and present all parts in one display, teachers can do everything they want more quickly.

Samsung Interactive Flat Panel Display
Courtesy of Samsung.
How can Interactive Flat Panel Displays improve the outcomes of teaching?

Today, Interactive Flat Panel Displays are being used more and more in education systems, and interestingly, they have proved themselves to be really helpful in improving the outcomes of students’ studies and the instructors’ teachings!

IFPDs create a lively classroom that inspires teachers, motivates students, and impresses parents. Using interactive screens for classrooms, lessons can be supplemented with engaging visual content, which are easy to prepare for the teachers and more effective for the students. As we all know, many of the kids and teenagers of the new generation love to work with futuristic tech devices. Because of that, IFPDs can also significantly enhance student communication and collaboration, and in this way encouraging them to participate more in their classrooms. Furthermore, IFPDs can seamlessly incorporate assistive technology for students with special needs by allowing for more advanced supplementary materials to be presented in a classroom.

Also, more creative ways to plan and execute lessons are presented through the use of Interactive Flat Panel Displays. These displays provide more flexibility, reusability, and a variety of tools to the teachers, and students love modern pieces of technology that make learning fun. As a result, IFPDs can make everything easier for both teachers and students.

Using these smart displays, preparing main and supplementary teaching materials is much faster, easier, and more convenient for teachers. Students also can share their class activities or homework assignments in the class simply by taking a photo and putting it on the screen. Furthermore, using IFPDs, students can mirror their screen and show their work or presentations to their peers and teachers.

The use of interactive displays in classrooms can be really beneficial with a proper combination of hardware and software. Studies are showing a positive correlation between learning and the use of interactive displays. Using Interactive Flat Panel Displays, teachers are provided with new possibilities for providing advanced and more visual digital learning content, and at the end, students’ motivation to learn will increase and they will have a better learning experience. In digitally interactive classrooms, student failure rates are also 55% lower compared to traditional learning.

Another study shows that using technological hardware and software greatly improves social and emotional skill development in students. As a result of that, group activity, which is related to social and emotional skill development, significantly increases. This study also shows that it is 3.4 times more likely for outstanding success to occur in classrooms equipped with collaborative technologies and practices.

Interactive Flat Panel Display
Courtesy of Ward’s MediaTech.

Overall, Interactive Flat Panel Displays are gaining more fame and attention every day, and educational institutions are one of the main users of these devices. After all, with all the features and benefits that IFPDs provide for instructors and educators, it is no wonder that more people are finding them interesting. They make the teaching process simpler, easier, and more enjoyable for both teachers and students. And as studies illustrate, the outcomes are more satisfying as well!

If you are interested in learning more about some of the best interactive flat panel displays for educational institutions, be sure to check out our products page. You can also always get in contact with us if you would like additional help from one of our team members.

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