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GITEX 2023

The largest tech and start-up event in the world, is now even bigger.

There is only a month left to GITEX Global 2023, so we thought we would prepare you for what you are about to experience if you are among the lucky people who will be attending this year’s GITEX, whether as a visitor or as an exhibitor; because there is something in it for everyone.

What is GITEX?

GITEX has been a place for the tech community to come together, connect, learn, share ideas and do business for the past 40+ years. Starting from humble beginnings in 1981, GITEX GLOBAL 2023 now occupies all halls available at the massive Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) with over 2.2 million square-feet of floor space. The biggest tech companies in the world show up to the event to unveil their newest products, services and findings for the public to see, sometimes for the first time.

Here’s a look at four of this year’s most important themes:

AI Everything

The largest tech even in the world requires the largest AI innovation platform in the world as well.

There is no question that last 12 months have been the biggest leap in AI prominence and popularity among the masses. World leaders in AI in 3500+ companies across 10 halls will be showcasing their latest products and services in the field for the public to see. Start-ups and businesses that are pioneers in AI development will get a chance to meet with each other to further their business collaboration and push the technology further, faster.

Through unifying the great AI community, this industry is going to reach the forecast $15.7 trillion of global economy while bettering our lives. By attending the AI Everything event, you will have a front-row seat into seeing how that would be possible.

GITEX Impact

When it comes to industries that have been making strides in reducing their Carbon footprints and helping the climate, tech companies are thankfully among the top industries. GITEX Impact is a place for tech companies and startups to attend seminars on the most transformative ecosystem advancing technologies and methods for sustainability in tech.

The region’s largest event for sustainability tech innovation and ESG strategies (environmental, social, governance) is also the place for learning about HealthTech, DeepTech, EdTech, FinTech, Metaverse, Web 3.0, future mobility and more.

Future Urbanism

By hosting the world’s most influential megacity developers, urbanists and innovators of sustainable technologies, GITEX Dubai 2023’s Future Urbanism even is a hub for the development of intelligent and sustainable urban communities. If you are an urban planner, real-estate developer or even a government or a municipal officer, you cannot miss this event.


GITEX Dubai 2023 DevSlam is a gathering of the elite development community in a grand experience supported by Coders HQ, Python Software Foundation and the UAE government. For its participants, Global DevSlam unlocks access to a worldwide community of FullStack Devs, AI Automation and Low Code. It is the most connected space for developers who want to innovate, those who want to take the next step, long-time coders and newcomers alike.

Regional launch of PyCon

This year’s GITEX show Dubai also presents the regional launch of PyCon MEA & Data Science fair. It is a collaborative hackathon joined by over 15,000 coders, a first of its kind in the entire region.

How is it beneficial for exhibitors?

At its core, in its most basic form, the annual GITEX expo is a “hub”. Business runs on connections; and there is no place better for making those connections than in GITEX if you are working in tech. You will find partners that can take the various aspects of your business to the next level, and just as important, you can also find talent to work with among the visitors who are looking to find their calling in tech, both veteran and up-and-coming talents.

How is it beneficial for visitors?

Whether you are just starting out in tech or you are a veteran of industry, you owe it to yourself to look for your next tech adventure in the biggest tech event of the world, if you can attend it. The only problem you will probably face is the confusion that you may experience from having too many opportunities thrown at you at once.

But make sure you are well prepared and have a compelling pitch for why the biggest tech companies and the best up-and-coming startups in tech should pick you among the thousands of other attendees who may be looking to embark on the same adventure you want to embark on!

Newcom at GITEX Dubai 2023

Newcom will be attending GITEX Global 2023, displaying their IT solutions to businesses who work in IT distribution and businesses who need particular IT solutions. You can expect technical counselling and support while you enjoy a warm welcome and some hot coffee/tea at our booth.

We will be waiting to see you in our booth at GITEX 2023 come 16 October.

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