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A breakdown of TP-Link smart home cams

Surveillance, like many pieces and concepts in tech, used to be business exclusive. But now, as previously inaccessible tech starts to become more and more accessible, security cameras have turned into just another link in the chain of IoT enabled devices to control a smart home. Since cameras are perhaps the most critical link in that chain, they should still probably be on your shopping list if you are looking to transform your home into a smart one; after all, they are independent IoT devices that only need your phone to operate and receive commands.

As tech becomes accessible to the public, its improvements also become more prominent, to the point that the offerings that we will list below would sound phenomenal not a decade ago, but are now accessible to the public for reasonable prices. If you are looking for the best indoor security camera, regardless of how much you are willing to spend, TP-Link has an offer to match your needs, as well as some of the best wireless security camera systems in the market.

Introducing TP-Link’s Tapo smart cams

There are too many different smart camera models in TP Link’s primary smart security solutions to list in one header. However, we will still go over some of their primary models and list their differences after a few introductory words.

Indoor security cameras
Tapo C100 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

Starting with the smallest model and one of the best indoor security cameras for those who are not looking to spend a fortune on a surveillance camthe 11cm high Tapo C100 is a great entry level camera for someone who wishes to transform their home into a smart one. Once connected to your phone via the Tapo app, you will have access to the clear 1080p footage with the C100.

Modified footage recording

Using Tapo’s app, you can start recording footage from the camera to your phone at any time. Thanks to the slew of smart scheduling features and the ability to record on a micro-SD card (up to 128GB), you can program the camera to start recording at only certain times of the day, or even only when it detects motion.

But it goes one step beyond. You can program the camera to start recording only if it sees motion in a specific frame that you have set up in its peripheral vision, perhaps the entrance and not areas where commute is normal.

Smart alarm system

Another feature that the camera has that works perfectly with the smart motion detection offered by Tapo is that when it detects an intruder, a very audible alarm goes off with flashing lights, to alert the intruder that he is being recorded and that the tenants are aware of his presence. The speaker is not just used for alarms though, as you can even use it to send real-time voice messages from your phone to wherever the camera is.

Other features

The C100 is also easy to mount on a wall due to the flexible connection between the camera and the base, and the wall mounting screws that come in the box. Last but not least, the C100 has great, crisp vision at night thanks to its night mode using infrared lights, that makes nighttime security footage much more usable than the average security camera.Tapo

The C110: a variant of the C100 with slightly better specs

The C110 is similar in every way to the C100 except for the 3MP resolution of the footage which is just above the FHD quality of the C100, and it can store up to 256GB of footage on the micro-SD card. Otherwise, it offers the same feature-set as the C100. The C100 and C110 are some of the best indoor security cameras when it comes to low-cost smart security cameras that punch way above their size and price, both in quality and in features.

Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

The Tapo C200 shares all the amazing features listed in the C100 overview: the crisp 1080p footage, clear nighttime footage with infrared lights, voice calling the camera for real-time audio, audible alarm, and flashing light in case of detecting intruder, wall mounting option, smart scheduling for on-device recording, support for micro-SD (up to 128GB) and other smart features offered through Tapo app.

But what the C210 adds to the list is motorized pan/tilt functionality to be able to remotely surveil the entire 360-degrees around this powerful smart security solution. The C200 is even able to do a full-surveillance by panning and tilting all the way around itself with the tap of a single button. All of Tapo’s smart home security solutions also offer sharing of the recorded footage (on the phone) to others based on their TP-Link user account.

The C210

Just like the C100 lineup, the C200 also has a slightly improved version in the form of the Tapo C210. The C210 offers a 3MP footage on top of being able to support micro-SD cards that can store up to 256GB of data.

The C225

There is also the Tapo C225 camerawith its headline advantage being its use of AI and its higher recording quality of 2K. The C225 can track objects and follow them around using its motorized pan/tilt functionality and even detect pets and vehicles. It also picks up abnormal sounds and notifies the user as needed. Last but not least, it offers two-way communication between the camera and the owner’s phone using its built-in camera and microphone.

Outdoor Security Cameras
Tapo C310 Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera

The Tapo C310 is TP-Link’s outdoor smart security solution that offers the same great features as the C100 and C200, but ups the ante in terms of security features and is better prepared for unpredictable outdoor conditions.

The C310 is IP66 certified and can withstand the rain or the odd sandstorm. It also offers a superbly convenient two-way audio that allows the user to communicate with whoever is behind the door without having to go to the door, but rather using their phone.

But if the person outside the door is less friendly than a courier, there are several different ways that the C310 can ward them off. The camera offers a customizable intrusion zone that you can set so any movement outside of it will not be considered as alarming. There is even a line-crossing detection function that can further filter unwanted movements. Once the camera detects an intruder, the much louder audible alarm starts to go off with the flashing light to alert the intruder that they are being recorded. There is even a camera cover detection that alerts the user if the camera is being tampered with or covered by hand. You can even choose to have the alarm go off in case of camera tampering to exercise extra protection.

You can choose to use the C310 wirelessly using its two strong Wi-Fi antennas or opt for a more stable long-range connection via the Ethernet port on the device. The C310 has another advantage over the previously mentioned devices: its low-light performance far outweighs the already great C100 and C210. Not only is it colored instead of black and white, but through its highly sensitive starlight sensor, it can cover up to 30 meters of distance worth of usable night-time footage.

The C320WS

Another slightly upgraded variant of the C310 can be found in the Tapo C320WS model which ups the resolution from 3MP to 4MP.

The C310 and C320WS are among the best outdoor surveillance camera solutions for homes but especially businesses that require a more higher end surveillance system that can withstand various weather conditions and offer crisp footage even in taxing lighting conditions.

Tapo C400S2 and C420S2 Smart Wire-Free Security Camera System

These two wireless Tapo outdoor cameras work using batteries that can last up to 180 days depending on your use-case scenarios. They are meant to be installed in places where running cables is going to prove difficult or even having stable, stationary Wi-Fi might not be available. You may even use a portable router with SIM internet to go fully wireless with this surveillance system.

You will get two cameras in the box with both the entry Tapo C400 and the more premium Tapo C420 models. They both offer the same AI detection technology, water resistance design, and a hub that connects the two cameras together.

The hub needs to be connected to power. It also has an ethernet port for more stable connection. You will also find the micro-SD slot in the hub as opposed to the cameras.

Differences between the C400 and C420

The differences between the C420 and the C400 are small but noticeable. The C420 has a higher 2K resolution sensor, making for more crisp footage. It also has the starlight sensor that allows for colored night footage as well. The C420 also has two spotlights on top of the speaker shared with its cheaper sibling to warn off intruders when it detects them.

Not only are these two models Tapo’s best outdoor security cameras, but they are also some of the best wireless security camera systems on the market right now. This is not to say that they cannot be used indoors. Cabling is certainly a hassle when it comes to any kind of mounted device. Using the C400S2 or the C420S2, you can forego the hassle of having to deal with any kind of cabling and enjoy the benefits of one of the best outdoor surveillance cameras as an indoor wireless security camera.

Interested in learning more about TP-Link products?

TP-Link has thought of almost every scenario in which you would need a smart security camera and has offered a model for that use-case; whether it be their Tapo outdoor cameras or their indoor home security cameras. But it goes beyond that, as Tapo offers a wide range of smart home solutions.

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